She’s facing 10 years in prison. #britneygriner #russia #drugdealers #wnba #sportsnews #sports #womenssports #basketball …


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  1. Smh Yall she in Some serious Trouble 🤦 What In The Wrold was she thinking. They don't have the same laws as we do . My dad is Cuban but his dad was Russian. These communist countries are nothing to play with. Trump Got Gelo out China 🇨🇳 but I doubt Biden will do anything at all this is very sad 😥 if this is true. You right gotta grow up.

  2. First, Let me say that the owner of BG’s team is very close to Putin. Secondly, the team knew when she was flying in. BG has been playing in Russia for years and we just randomly believe she didn’t know the travel laws? Also, she was detained a few days before the Ukraine invasion and I don’t think it’s coincidental. Russia was the one who broke the story to US media and they said, “We have an American 2x Olympic Gold medalist in custody” but didn’t release her name and what she “did” until a few hours later. This is political. Not to mention, Russia is known for trumping charges for Americans and it’s usually unsolicited drug charges. Many agents tell their US players not to ever leave their suitcase because they are known for planting drugs. There is also video and no form of cannabis was ever seen in the video so I don’t believe anything the Russian reports are saying. They are using her for leverage because the US has some of their dignitaries in custody.

  3. First, I cannot bring more than 1 bottle of vodka/liquor/etc across any border. Second, NO CANNABIS is allowed to be being transported between US states. No food or seeds can be taken to the US from outside the US land. These are the law example, just for the US. How could you be really so naive to bring weed to Russia today?? Plus, the prison she will never be so crazy compared to what Netflix depicts.

  4. They’re not going to use BG! A Black woman…Nope. But, this whole weed culture. One thing I prided myself on was being really careful about putting harmful things into my body. Folks don’t realize the long term effects even weed has. Pitiful!

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