The Fast Growth of Oklahoma Medical Cannabis | Oklahoma cannabis news | Number of Licenses in OK

The Fast Growth of Oklahoma Medical Cannabis | Oklahoma cannabis news Today in the history of cannabis we talk about the …


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  1. Licenses are so cheap anybody can get in the industry.
    Problem with a lot of Oklahoma growers is they can’t grow true quality. And they don’t understand it’s a business at the end of the day. Your numbers have to make sense.

  2. When I watch your videos the thing that hurts me the most is the frustration because of all the BS that goes into becoming legal. I just wish the people that want to use the plant could without the fear that the government created. Also, the ones that cannot or choose to not use the plant step aside and give it a rest. We will win this thing. I know things are improving but to slow. I want to enjoy this before I die. Thank you for another video and keep up the good work Tom and Miggy!

  3. From the perspective of a licensed Oklahoman grower, it seems that the legislation is aimed towards the removal or barring of small time grow operations. With the implementation of the seed to sale tracking, and not to mention the installation of an 8 foot fence with anti climbers for an outdoor operation. It just seems like the big corporations are preparing to move in and take over.

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    Earth must be restored by growing HEMP world wide.

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  6. And what would been incarcerated for a cost of $70.00?/ day drain now are tax paying employers with a huge tax base and how many employees making and spending cash money. Damn Tennessee what we waiting on volunteers

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