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This is our last mail time at our house YOU ARE THE BEST Follow the Dashleys for more! All of our favorite recipes!!! – …



  1. Violet looks much like George and her momma where James looks like her Daddy. I really enjoy watching your videos. 😘

  2. Childten are adorable. Nice to visit home state and then go back to afopted State. I wish you the best. Ir adventure will not be easy.

  3. Wild! My husband and I are in the middle of this same move! Best of luck!

  4. What happens if packages in transit ?

  5. oh. your move is going to be difficult, but enjoy the journey. 💕 I wish you were there when I had my kids. I needed someone like you to teach me how to have fun with kids.

  6. Where are you guys moving too

  7. Safe travels and new adventures awaits you 💜

  8. Doesn’t violet have a hard time breathing like that?

  9. Do u have a place in mind you plan to move

  10. Where r u going on the plane

  11. Wow you really are treasured and so many nice gifts go your way.. How fortunate to get so much free stuff by people who love you

  12. I love your videos but my lord they remind me how glad I am that age is over and done with. James’s drama Queen moments, the little boys made up games that isn’t an actual game – is everything I did not like about the toddler phase. 5 onwards is when they get really good 👍

  13. Awwww. Lookit tiny Dot getting chubba 💜🤩

  14. Wait.. they're not coys anymore?!?

  15. You put the hat on violet wrong 😂

  16. Hi I sent the purple hat for Violet! You’ve got it on upset down! 🤣🤣

  17. I think Violet’s hat was on wrong. Try again. Love how James spoke up so well. Happy moving. We’ll be right there with you.

  18. The purple hat was on backwards

  19. Omg I love James face when she tore the card.😬 I am glad you guys liked them!!

  20. My family lives in Georgia!! I hope y’all enjoy living here

  21. Jamesie, I love a good crown myself 💜🎉💜 Rocking that Introducing!!!

  22. Wow that family that'll ever the dashleys family that's awesome and beautiful
    I so like all channel yall have a beautiful God blessall ur family

  23. Still think y’all should stay in Georgia! North Georgia mountains are the BEST!!! Hoping to meet y’all while you are here!

  24. I wish you guys the best and safe travel and I hope u find your dream home where u want it to be.

  25. OMG! Violet is so so adorable!!

  26. You’ll be in my neck of the woods.

  27. I’m watching this in bed playing ball with the puppy so she will sleep good and as soon as the squeaks started she was all over Me trying to get the phone out of my hand.

  28. Those popper things are awesome. I love them. Just for stress relief.

  29. Jamesy was so stinking cute with opening all the mail. She was so excited! I’m going to miss watching mail videos.

  30. I think you may have had Violet’s cute little hat on backwards 😃

  31. Just saw those poppers at the state fair last night! They are all the rage, and great for plane rides!

  32. You guys act so crazy

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