I'm back! Showing my NEW filming space + makeup play time

Hey friends! Today is a chatty video where I talk about where I have been lately, some ups and downs, as well as showing my new filming space! I hope you …


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  1. Hi friends!! I MISSED YOU!! I wanted to let you know that while editing I realized I have some fixing to do with the lighting and my mic. So sorry if this video is annoying lol. ps you look amazing.

  2. I do have a medical marijuana card I've had one for two years and honestly it has changed my life and no longer have to go to the street to get weed which means I'm not on the street looking or finding other things that's why it was a gateway drug supposedly because it was illegal and you had to go to the street to find it I know that you can go to a store to get it and actually talk to a doctor and get exactly what you need and you know what's in there down to the milligrams of everything instead of getting stuff on the street and you have no idea what is in there or what it will do to you back in the day people would at least the joints with stuff and that's how they would get other people hooked on harder drugs it's like a bait and switch every drug dealers Big move so predictable so disgusting but I am glad you are getting your medical card and everyone needs to go that route please if anyone reads this don't get your weed off the street get it from the stores

  3. I know most people watch every YouTube beauty guru everyday and is on the up and up on every new release but we're not all like that I have three kids and only can look at my phone for maybe 10 minutes at a time and I appreciate you showing any collection you have whether it's old or new because to me it's all new I love it love seeing live swatches I can't believe color pop has not collabed with you yet what are they waiting for

  4. Don't talk down about yourself so much you're going to start believing it talking about yourself so you'll believe good things because they are true and beautiful you're strong and we're all here for you

  5. My 35 year old son has had epilepsy since age 2… he has been on every medication known to man. Hes on 19 pills a day!! He now has the medical Marijuana card and is using the hybrid, which is what youre talking about. It's been working really well. Make sure you take a dose after a seizure too. It'll help you recover faster and with less pain and depression.
    You look amazing! Your background is gorgeous and happy and I love it! I missed you too! You're a ray of sunshine in my day…. love your face! 💖😍🤗

  6. Welcome back Shae! NGL I NEVER comment on videos but please DO NOT call yourself a "shitty" youtuber – your health is so important and needs to be prioritised above all health. If we don't have our health we have nothing! Anyways just wanted to say hello, welcome back, we love you, and wow I genuinely feel like we a real friends! Love from Australia xxx

  7. What medication? Was it keppra by chance? My bf takes that due to seizures and he has some rage too. I wish you well and hope you can get things under control.
    I have my medical card too and love how thc makes me feel it helps with my anxiety and depression too.

  8. I think I know exactly what medication you're talking about, and you are right, it is a bad medication to be on especially long term. My brother was on that medication when he was like really young, my mom gave it to him a few times & took him off of it. He had some seizures with the new meds, but when he was "old enough" he started smoking weed & didn't have another seizure since.

  9. I have a medical card and be careful bc they were too strong for me the one by me got rid of the special low potency blend and that's the one I could use but just read reviews

  10. Are you a Libra? Because I love your background aesthetic, and it's so very balanced lol…that's why I asked. I'm a solid Libra, and found your background very satisfying haha….so happy you're back!!!

  11. Hi Shae, welcome back to work. You definitely had a lot (of stressors) going on. So happy for you that you have an office space that brings you joy, a tongue, and brain that are healing, and a kitty that is doing much better 😊.
    I can so relate to the pharma drug causing rage and/or other nasty effects. I was prescribed something to try for my restless legs. I only took it once, and a fairly low dose. The next day I felt this electrical buzzing, humming "energy". Later that day my now ex said something, and I literally flipped the f*k out. It was like rage (for sure) but also felt like I needed to blow up to release some of that electrical energy. Lol- guess I had a power surge! Then this same "brilliant" woman decided that she'd give me a bipolar med, for my insomnia. What it did was the opposite- it made my insomnia scarily worse. In nine days I got 12 hrs of sleep, and I was trying all kinds of stuff to help me sleep. That was the last straw for me. I weaned myself off of ALL pharmaceuticals, and stopped seeing her. That was a couple years ago. I still have major depression, anxiety, insomnia, and rls…

  12. Um totally take thc/cbd over seizure meds .. as I mentioned earlier my dad had grand mal seizures
    Pot is 💯 natural
    I am Canadian it is 💯 legal here & is so beneficial for so many things

  13. I'm glad you're doing better and you're feeling better in your space. It's beautiful.

    As far as fast fashion and Amazon etc, I try to avoid certain things, and/or limit my consumption from certain brands like Amazon. I think some of the issue depends on how long you wear the items. I tend to wear my clothes forever, or until I can't anymore, which while it doesn't change how the items are made,you're not constantly supporting those brands, and if it was a gift card, it wasn't your money. It was money that was already put into that company.

  14. I agree with the DARE thing. If cannabis is an addictive substance for someone, this is not specifically for them. People can have addiction issues with many things, I’m not invalidating that. DARE and other programs like it would make it seem like a 100% chance to harder drugs like heroin. Extreme views will always produce extreme outcomes one way or another.

  15. Love you girl. Missed you!! I hear you about the depression. Been in this funk since my mom passed away from dimentia back in July. My health has been awful too. I’m thinking of getting a medical card for my chronic pain and insomnia. Hugs.

  16. Hey Shae, your videos that you talk about your seizures, I feeeeel you in every way, our seizures sound exactly the same and would love to talk to you to relate and talk about our stories. I'll try to contact you on IG. 🙂

  17. Don’t ever apologize for taking time for yourself and for health/mental health reasons. I know people can be cruel when
    you’re not available to them. I have multiple
    serious medical and pain issues and I’ve lost all but one friend because I couldn’t do things they wanted me to do and/or couldn’t/wouldn’t try to understand my conditions/symptoms. I think you do an
    incredible job on your YT channel while having seizure issues, etc. Thx for being here for all of us. Love you lots!!!

  18. I feel like this background and video style will bring you so many more subscribers! You and your background look amazing and warm and inviting. And the chatty full face of new makeup videos always draw me in

  19. So glad you and your kitty are doing well! It's so scary when our babies have health issues.

    I would love to see the About-Face reviews. I bought the matte eye paints and am trying to get comfortable using them. The fractal collection looks really interesting, but I don't think I've seen anyone review them.

  20. I have had 2 cats that were diabetic and took insulin shots. They both did amazing with the shots and one of them lived to 19 years old! She was diabetic for 10 years. It is super easy to manage. Tip: if they ever look "drunk" their sugar is super low and they need to get right away. You can do it!

  21. New set is SO PRETTY! This video and update are so welcome! Keep sharing! It helps! Missed you, glad you’re back, excited about the Etsy store and can’t wait to check it out! Makeup look is actually really pretty on you and I plan to try that foundation. Never apologize for taking a break. Things are very overwhelming right now. This may sound weird, but when I watch your videos, as you are talking I find myself talking back or answering out loud, almost like I think you can hear me lol 😂 so stupid but I can’t help it! Love you Shae! ♥️

  22. I wish I could give you tips. We had a dog who got diabetes and we lost her less than a week after she got diagnosed. She was 2 days past her 6th birthday. I'm glad you caught it early ❤

  23. Your exactly the type of influencer I like to watch. I love that your sharing your life & going back & fourth to the makeup your using. I feel like talking & jumping to this topic & then another is more authentic. I don't like where it's almost monotone & only about product then move to next product & nothing in between. Please stop apologizing, your human & I know I don't expect you to be a perfect You Tuber. I hope you continue to feel better & always take care of yourself when you dont.

  24. I got married in a hotel 14 years ago. It’s now gone. . It got demolished in less than 5 years after our wedding. We always wanted to go back there but never got the chance after moving away.

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