Psychedelics: "The WORST Censorship of Research in History!" – Drug Science & Policy with David Nutt

A special one for me, an hour-long interview with Professor David Nutt, a man who has been at the forefront of research into …


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  1. 00:00 Why Prof Nutt is a hero
    01:51 The Nutt case & Nutt sack
    04:55 Interview start
    05:25 Politicians vs scientists 2009 to 2021
    07:42 Slap in the face
    09:03 Does the UK get anything right?
    09:31 Medical cannabis & its promise
    12:50 Why don't doctors prescribe cannabis?
    15:09 What can HCWs do to help?
    17:06 How to learn more
    17:56 Why drug research is so hard
    19:28 "They'll steal the heroin!"
    21:20 Who killed psychedelic research?
    25:34 Did recreational drug use ruin things?
    26:55 What is a psychedelic?
    28:00 MDMA is the opposite of a psychedelic
    28:50 Did drugs help humans evolve?
    30:24 A lost sleep revolution & how the brain makes humans human
    34:12 CTRL+ALT+DEL for the brain?
    37:18 The power of psychedelic psychotherapy
    39:24 Psilocybin vs SSRI antidepressants
    43:47 Timothy Leary was wrong
    46:26 Aldous Huxley, mescaline & opening the brain
    47:05 "You probably haven't seen those since you were a baby"
    48:25 The brain orchestra and default mode network
    49:44 How psychedelics break habits
    51:41 Fly on the wall for psychedelic therapy
    53:50 "Fuck off I'm talking to God!"
    55:20 Ayahuasca retreats vs conventional therapy
    57:32 Does psychedelic hype worry you?
    59:27 Steve Jobs & the role of money
    01:01:20 Stigma against mental health
    01:02:09 Is the USA leading the way?
    01:03:08 Harnessing the power of placebo
    01:04:22 Silicon Valley & Micro-dosing
    01:09:16 Closing

  2. It's very bad idea to just throw everything into Schedule 1. It's dishonest and misleading. One could even argue convincingly that the "Gateway" phenomenon is caused by this misleading classification system.

  3. Anybody who has it and is struggling suffering mental illness and depression anxiety PTSD please look into ketamine therapy literally only have to go once a year and it is so effective and change my life forever

  4. Thank you Rohin for increasing our exposure to genuine experts in their respective fields. This sort of honest and informed discussion is I think, sadly, rare in today's corporate "shock jock" media. Something's wrong these days, and you're helping to make it better, in my view. 10/10

  5. The criminalisation of individuals who wish to modulate their own internal biochemistry is an absolute disgrace. No government or entity should have the right to suppress the bodily autonomy of an individual.

  6. Ohhhhh by CBT i thought you meant they underwent 'C'ock-And-'B'alls 'T'orture of which failed to produce any results for some reason, shockingly… 🤔🤔🤔

  7. Did they ask whether the participants thought they got the microdose or placebo at the start or end of the study, because if at the end, it could just as easily be that people concluded from whether it seemed to work for them or not whether they had the microdose or placebo.
    (i.e. if it seemed to work for a participant, that participant would be likely to guess they got the microdose; if it seemed to not work for a participant, that participant would be likely to guess they got the placebo)

  8. Hi Doctor, you said in a previous video you would make a video on Baysiean thinking (not sure of the spelling) but could you please do that when you have the time and energy? I would love to learn about it

  9. Have you done a video on sleep?
    Is 1.5 hours a useful base element if sleep?
    How should people who stand watches allocate their time. There are a lot of traditional systems used by sailors, are these systems well-based?

  10. The hypocrites that are DR. is most scary and painful to deal with I had my DIABETIC SPECIALIST behave bizarrely when he discovered I had depression and was on medication.

  11. Joe Rogan DEFINITELY NEEDS to watch this video. 🤘🤘🤘❤️❤️❤️

    Also, I absolutely agree with you and Dr. Nutt regarding Psychedelics getting the WORST Censorship in History.

    One of the things that’s really PISSES ME OFF was the fact it was okay for the CIA to experiment with LSD by administrating it to US Citizens without their knowledge or consent. But, it’s not okay for us to use Cannabis, Mushrooms, or DMT to treat people with seizures, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

    This is one of the reasons why I became a Libertarian because Government Officials/People of power DON’T TRULY care for their citizens or their well-being. They only care about themselves, having power, and maintaining their power.

  12. 'We should not call MDMA a psychedelic' Thank you, one of the first professionals I hear saying that. MDMA is possible to abuse at magnitudes greater likelihood than psychedelics. It can be useful for social reasons, helping relationships or overcome trauma etc. But its possible to abuse, particularly for those already abusing drugs or those ignorant or emotional dependence.

  13. People should be able to grow their own medicine but companies all trying to monopolize the shit. It should go the way of weed and weed should get legalized. Its more than 5x safer than alcohol.

  14. My initial worry is the idea that pharma companies make more money by treating rather than curing. Politicians just don't want to go against the status quo in order to save their own neck

  15. doing psychedelics absolutely changed my life. they made me more politically active, more emphathetic and helped with my deep depression. its a tragedy theyre demonized. doing psychedelics absolutely changed my life. they made me more politically active, more emphathetic and helped with my deep depression. its a tragedy theyre demonized. im convinced the world would be a better place if psychedelics were in the position alcohol is in.

  16. As someone who lives in a state that is trying to do a lot of drug reform (without much financial support from the US federal government of course) and has had to vote on various drug related measures over the years this seems interesting.

  17. I think all drugs shouldn't just be decriminalised but legalised (and allowed to be medically prescribed to treat certain aliments) (for adults over 18), the putting society out of grievous harm argument is flimsy at best as booze, prescribed medication and cigs can destroy lives. If you have the ability to get help if you are worried about your usage, side effects and for others then why should I be told what I can and can't put in my body? This war on drugs is utter madness.

  18. you are a handsome man :3

    feel good about yourself
    you're doing well in your life, and i appreciate how you use your platform as a scientific activist, medical professional and educator.

    i really appreciate the public outreach you are doing, thank you <3

  19. citation 23:20…:
    "…but the reality is, when you're confronted with any threat, the temptation is by most western governments to try to ban it…"

    Ok, if that is true, what is then the difference between western demokracy and eastern autocraty? I exaggerate it … or not? Because, like media is telling us, only the eastern politics are reperessive and autocratic!

    These war on drugs. that since the 1970´s is fought, maybe have to do with the realization, that with such drugs one can feature / support conciouseness-states, in there the regulary political ruling and societal canon can´t effective imposed on the peoples. The Vietnam-demonstrations maybe was one of the initial-symptoms, that let this establishmend belief this.

    But what is "freedom", when even right this individual chance of Freedom (the conciouseness-state, that can therapeutical free or pleased) were prohibited?

    Right, there is no freedom, when the only chance to get freedom, is forbidden. In this Scene, freedom is only for the elites. And: this conclusion is also valid in other sceneries.
    The unconfortable thing is, that the western lies far more to the population, to conceal, that there is also much tendencies to autocracy and dictatorship. This is not only a thing for Drug-situations, it is all over the social circumstances. And espacialy in the medicine and pharma-scenerie, because most diseases are some sort consequence of structural coercion, and it makes no sense, that one can withdraw himself through diametral-affective therapies.

    Most diseases are consequences out of neuroenhancemend, that is done to fast and to much (Metallions-Kontamination for Brainfunctions-stabilization. One of the most significant mechanism to modern "nation-building", because even, if God is out of the equation of modern politic-structures (secularization), god is farther on the most relevant force in modern civilisation and the building of it. Humans build civilisation, and it must come out of Humans, what builds civilisation. Civilisation is not simply there. So you have to "build" humans (humancapital) to build greater, specialised structures and organisation of civilisation. Bu tit is bad for individual behavior and "gesundheit", if it would be to much and to fast or over individual potential and will above.

    But all this scenes collide with the more primarily putted idea of freedom/liberty in the western. And it contradicts with the nationbuilding-idea and necessities. The truth is, that a nation on Drugs (so the apprehension) would decay, because nobody does something to build a nation. Expample is china at the end of 18. century, when british politics enforces china to establish the opium-trading in china – with violence.
    But, if we can see, there are nations, who do not suffer from traditional Drug use: Marokko. long traaditional cannabis-use. This nation is not commercial successful. This maybe one of the consequences out of inebriation-culture, but this is not primary target of individuals in sociaty – the global commerce-leading. Other effects are, that sociaty where less confrontative and conflict-inclining.

  20. Drugs are a peculiar thing, yes it works but it also kills anything possible still there that is needed or needs to be done even if it isn't fun. For instance school, in my other life people where so obsessed about drugs that those two overlapped and resulted in failing to master both. Responsible useage is needed but what I saw was gluttons using one tool to make them feel better into chasing the dragon. I do however support helpfull dosages for people to get trough life if thats whats needed. I'm however very carefull about the excuses people make so that they fail life even more. Failing is not being able to take responsibillities on short/long term to support yourself and or your community in anyway possible to lead a meaningfull life.

  21. Whoa! I just recently made a TIL Reddit post about this guy! How awesome! I've had extreme benefits from ketamine therapy over the past three years. I just wish it was cheaper or that insurance covered it. Lol, DJ Nutt would be a great musician name.

  22. I read the papers from David Nutt's group about treatment of depression with psilocybin and then decided to try following their protocol myself. This was the smartest decision of my life. The effects were deeply profoundly positive. The truly criminal thing, is that this treatment has been kept from people for so long.

    BTW, I'm totally using that term "Nutt sack" from now on 🙂

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