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August Favorites Over 50 – Makeup, Haircare, Fashion

August Favorites Over 50 – Makeup, Haircare, Fashion for more Makeup, Skincare & Style! Beaty Newsletter S U B S C R I B E !


20 thoughts on “August Favorites Over 50 – Makeup, Haircare, Fashion

  1. Hello from Mississippi! So glad you could stop by! I've made it almost all the way across the country and will land in Florida today. Can't wait to have my toes in the sand of Destin! Follow me on Instagram to get a glimpse of my cross country travels!

  2. Would love to see a demonstration of how you use the Revlon One-Step to style your hair. It’s gorgeous!

  3. I wonder if it looks too heavy or cakey on the skin, since it is such a good cover up. Apply with a sponge?

  4. Just subscribed Kimberly! The tennis shoes that you showed says to downsize a 1/2 size. Did you find that to be true? Much happiness, Teresa

  5. I can tell you’re an older woman but I can’t tell how old you are. You are a beautiful woman, beautiful figure, classy way of presenting yourself and so charming. Thanks for sharing your beauty secrets. I’m 77 now but I had always looked younger than I am but things caught up with me from 72 on. I must say I just don’t like what had been happening. But happen it did! Well we all have to deal with reality so… I embraced my gray hair, after all nature

  6. Hi pretty over 50 could you give me any advice on reducing /removing lines from my chest /decolletage area?

  7. Is the sun screen in it chemical or mineral?…. chemical sunscreen actually makes melasma worse

  8. I have tried Ordinary products from your recommendations and love them and love they are so affordable. 💗 do they make a body cream? Have you tried it?

  9. FYI I have long hair and while I liked the revlon hair tool worked great, it ruined my hair. Lots of split ends and breakage after time.

  10. OMG – I purchased the shoes and they are like walking on clouds. Buying a 2nd pair. My feet and knees thank you 😊

  11. Thank you lovely Kimberly : )

  12. Thanks for sharing your August favorites.

  13. I'd love to try the dermablend CC but I hate trying to match/find my color on line. I never get it right. Is it sold at sephora or ultra where they can help me find the right color?

  14. Hi Kimberly, I enjoyed your video very much. Would you mind to share if you used Newa RF device and what is your opinion compare with Nebulyft RF?

  15. I don’t know how this happened, but I was actually applying my vitamin c suspension from the ordinary when you started talking about it! It’s definitely not for everyone, it stings a bit sometimes, and the HA spheres give it a bit of a grainy texture. Still-it works, and you can’t beat the price!

  16. The Revlon hairdryer came out with a smaller barrel for short hair! I love this hairdryer. Its fantastic. I've been using it for almost 2 years.💕😊

  17. I have been using the elf holy hydration moisturizer and I love it. I have very dry skin and it had really plumped my face back up to normal. I will be 63 this year. People still think I'm in my late fifties. Lol

  18. I like the idea of the Revlon hair styler to give volume, but then I also like to give some curl with my curling iron. Does using a curling iron take out the volume after you’ve used the Revlon?

  19. Have u tried the new Lancôme concealer? On higher end but everyone is raving about it..

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