You’re Not Being Irrational! You’re Emotionally TRIGGERED. This Is How You CONTROL IT

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  1. GABBY LISA THANK YOU!!😘 We are diving deep into the root cause, Shame work Needs Therapeutic Support and We can get that Free now days, We don't have to deny ourselves,or wait, the Tools are available everywhere, We need discernment and Love, This video embodies both, You are Our Guides into the Paradigm Shift.

  2. Such a helpful and validating session. I love listening to the gems that happen in these videos. I am also loving your Aggretsuko in the background. Lol. My spirit animal.

  3. I came here today looking for a video I saw showcased on IG I saw earlier today, but I saw this video thumbnail, got myself cozy, and watched.
    It. Was. Meant. To. Be.
    Oh my goodness.
    I cried when y'all were discussing timing, or really, readiness.
    Two days ago, I heartbroke cried in bed, for two nights in a row, about some things I thought I had overcome in the past. I have been confused by this; baffled.
    But you guys broke that today with your talk.
    There are layers, aren't there. I'm crying while typing this. There are layers, and it's a walk, and a journey, and sometimes stuff comes back up, and we have a different level of understanding than we did 10, 20 years ago.
    You guys basically gave me permission, lol, to chill, and to realize that I might not be ready to deal with or face something. Or that the last time I dealt with it, I did so at the level I was capable of, and now I can take on another piece of it.
    Brilliant! I had not realized that I had applied some perfectionism to my walk/journey/healing, and was criticizing and even chastising myself for not being over something I had seemingly overcome in the past.
    I'm emotionally overwhelmed at this moment. And I'm excited to let myself have peace. Omg
    So for this moment, I'm loving to myself. And when (I love that! When!!) When I'm ready, I'm going to face some things and find out what's going on.
    But today. Today I'm free.
    Still crying. And I might just cry all day today.
    Haha, I'm pretty sure I will. A cry of relief. A cry of a change of mindset. A cry of revelation for sure. A cry of, I'm not bad, crazy, digressing. A cry of I am worthy. A cry of I deserve to love myself.

    As always, I love you guys. Thank you for what you do. Thank you.

  4. How to identify if it is YOU or YOUR PARTNER? Partner is going through major life changes and is spiraling. In turned triggered my abandonment issues, which I did not know I had and I have learned we had a co-dependent relationship to where it is like the last 8 months we are mirrored images of each other.

  5. Only halfway through this interview but I just have to say Lisa you are such an amazing interviewer!! You ask such thoughtful, poignant questions that add so much value to the conversation.

  6. How to know the difference between being emotionally triggered and irrational full of rage? — If you can continue in your schedule to be a caregiver and/or a builder for yourself and for others too, unless with a serious injury, without wasting any time after getting triggered in rumination and self pity instead of carrying out your plans until a different better plan comes to light. An emotional weakling without any inner peace cannot do that. Like women and men who are working in home care or in a front line M.A.S.H. unit who get sent back to work with no other choice but to do so while trying to heal from a severe whiplash from a car accident after only 3 days rest.

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