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Boosie Fires Back at Lil Nas X for Pregnant after Sleeping with Diddy to Ban Him from the Industry


35 thoughts on “Boosie Fires Back at Lil Nas X for Pregnant after Sleeping with Diddy to Ban Him from the Industry

  1. We are Support Boosie Don't Stop going against these Evil Forces
    Prophet Muscle you are real one and you best Page on YT Everybody Sub to Prophet The only heavyweight who can do handstand planque push-ups on concrete

  2. You are the truth !!

  3. I’m turning the Tv off and unplugging it and turning the power off to the house

  4. That’s right BEAT his Ass Boosie!😂

  5. That's crazy.being straight gone be wired? Wow the devil been working and people can't see it.or they work with em.

  6. Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; When he closes his lips, he is considered prudent
    Mind terrible think to waste. Know thyself

  7. You are a phobe!!!!!!!

  8. 💯 chinnngassuu damn sharkisha


  10. Its crazy to think about but boosie is right. If you don't stand up for your right to be straight, you're gonna lose that right.

  11. Something is seriously wrong with lil x😳😳

  12. Lmao 😆 bro it will never be crazy 🤣 to be straight the world would cease to exist if that would happen come on my dude you tweaking LOL

  13. boosie said we gone bya 😂😂😂

  14. Black people need to come together and reject this sh*t!! Nothing will change until that happens

  15. Noooo boosie let GOD avenge because vengeance is the Lord's HE will repay

  16. Sodom and Gomorrah read the story! Thats how the world is going to end! Yall better get right and stop taking Jesus for a joke!

  17. The amount of unnecessary hate in this video is ridiculous. Why threaten and make fun of someone who has no effect on your life. Just don’t watch him then

  18. Facts b4 I heard a word.. weird ass shit

  19. This is crazy. The world has madd

  20. Thank you boosie for support parents to be against this photo that was posted

  21. I feel like the lil nas x being disrespectful about being pregnant on social media

  22. These awards are ridiculous, that's why I don't watch it. God will handle all this crap.


  24. No man born with a penis can get pregnant unles you were born a man I'm a female born I can get pregnant I for LGBTQ but natural things women can no Gman or T women can get pregnant by nature so stop it 😕

  25. This why Boosie will remain the realest nigga in the industry. Boosie talk the way we talk in the hood about these sugary niggas.

  26. Straight Pride✊🏾

  27. straight is the new white 😭 if a straight man says anything there homophobic same thing as a white person being a racist lmao

  28. But the issue is you can't have an opposing opinion because that's automatically bullying. People can't say they disagree with the blatantly graphic display of homosexuality because it's "hate speech" and from a place of ignorance

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