20 Questions! Skincare, YouTube, Dating, Lip Tricks!

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  1. Good for you you do you concentrate on you. We can be by ourselves and still be happy Thank you for all your videos love that you put so much research into the products. I will be ordering the omnibus very soon

  2. Great Q&A! So many good tips, resources, and positive life advice. Good for you to go inward, appreciate who and what you have, and find ways to move forward! As someone that lucked out with her man for over 40 yrs. I, too, recently learned to love myself, learn how to be ok with my "me time," and not feel the need to care for or fix others. Whew! It's a lot of work and uncomfortable for those close to see the change, but fortunately, in our case, it made our relationship stronger. The ultimate goal is finding yourself and your self-confidence, with or without a companion. Bravo!

  3. Angie, this was such a GREAT video!!! I'm a little late in seeing and so glad I took the time today. After a 28 year marriage and divorce 9 years, I'm in the exact same place – don't need a man in my life! So happy for you that you've found this amazing point in your life!!!

  4. Great advice on the divorce! Going through all this now.. feels like a twilight zone that I can’t get out of, plus that never ending heavy sadness!
    You are a great inspiration 💗 Thank You for sharing your experience with us all! Love you even more for it Angie! 😘

  5. Angie, I love what you are saying about not dating yet and just learning to enjoy your alone time. Most of us are not good at that. My longtime partner left me just before the pandemic and that was brutal. I retired a couple of months after that so felt really alone, especially during lockdown. After 6 months I went online and met a fabulous man that I happened to have known 25 years ago. What luck. Sadly after 8 months he died suddenly (not covid)! Another tragedy. I am now, 5 months later, ready to get back out there. But I also know I am fine on my own. A nice relationship would only be icing on the cake. You will know when you are ready.
    I also wanted to mention that I had threading done last March and I love it. It’s actually amazing. My dermatologist did it and told me I would continue to see results over the next months. She was right. My neck and jawline are massively improved. Only downside is it won’t last more than a year and a half or so. And it is uncomfortable when she’s doing it as well as a couple of days after. But I love it! I do think an experienced practitioner is key.

  6. Hello.🌷 I like your videos and positivity. Toxic people feel better when they put someone down, that's why they take their time to write all these negative comments. Nowadays we see more and more of such trolls, thanks to social media and anonymity with the fake profiles. Just don't pay attention, you are a beautiful woman and you look at least 20 years younger and there are a lot of jealous women of your age and they look nothing like you…It's not rocket science to understand why. Good luck, I am big fan, you are the best example how woman could be in your age, if she just took care about herself and love herself the way she is. 👸💞

  7. Angie, if you didn't have those charming, beautiful wrinkles under your eyes when you smile, you'd look like a plastic doll and not the gorgeous woman that you are! You should love them!! 😉💕👍

  8. Hi Angie! Thank you for always having informative content! I just wanted to share a bit of information with regard to joint pain. I found that taking a tumeric (curcuma) supplement has helped. I’ve also experienced muscle pain and for this a magnesium supplement has been beneficial.

  9. Thank you, Angie!!! Love your videos!!! I ordered Kenzie February 2021…. It broke the 3rd week. Over a couple of months, they finally replaced it… And then that one broke within a month… I was too exhausted to attempt another replacement. II wonder if the product is no longer the same or has the same level of quality it had in the past…(?)…. Anyone else experience this? Hugs to you all! 😊

  10. You are beautiful, easy to watch, fun, and informative. You have changed my life in regards to skincare and makeup over 50. And who wouldn't love your beautiful hair. Keep the videos coming.

  11. OK, this is going to sound weird but as a single woman who's never even had a successful long term relationship let alone met anyone who I wanted to be married to, being divorced sounds "cool" lol It's like at least you've had your "turn" rather than missing out on that part of life completely. Not sure if I'm making sense, but that's how I feel lol

  12. I think your long hair is very flattering. It’s healthy and you take care of it(like everything else 😉). As far as nasty comments/haters, we know those are some pretty miserable people that feel the need to try to dim the light of others. I say you just keep shining bright and let that radiate towards other women that enjoy your channel and appreciate what you do here. Cheers!

  13. I must be lucky that I can literally slobber retin-a 0.1 on my neck and under eyes. Sometimes having oily skin can be a blessing. I hated it when I was younger with all the acne and blackheads, but now I kinda like the fact that I don’t even have to put in moisturizer after retin-a a if I don’t want to.

  14. I’m in my early 30s and I love your channel Angie! I learned to use sunscreen also from my mom, she gets annoying allergies from the sun so she is very religious about sunscreen. I love how you talk about taking responsibility for your own happiness ✨🙌🏼💛

  15. If any of you watch true crime, ALL the trolls hang out there. I’ve gotten out of the habit of reading responses because so many of them just go there to be mean to people. It’s unfortunate that there are people out there who have the gall to be that way. I wonder how many friends they have in real life.

  16. Hi Angie! Do you happen to know if Differin can be used as an introductory retinoid before diving into curology? I got a lot in an Ulta sale and I’d rather not waste it, but I don’t have acne and if it’s not doing anything other than wasting time…..🤔

  17. I started using straws as a teen because I have super sensitive front teeth. And now, at 54, I have just as many lip lines as my cousin, sane age, who has smoked for 30 years. 😪😢😭
    (If at all possible, Don't use a straw!)

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