(Intended for the 18 & over) How I harvest & dry for maximum quality EXPLAINED/BEGINNERS GUIDE Full seed to harvest guide …


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  1. Dawg! Love your videos. I’m a YouTuber and expert in recording software. Do you use audacity? If so, Id be happy to hook you up with a custom EQ tailored for your voice. Feel free to reach out directly. Don’t want to post my email address in the comment because I don’t want to get flagged but it’s in the description of basically every one of my videos. I got you my G💪🤙

  2. My brother heard this playimg n the background the second u said chlorophyll he said chlorophyll borophyll lol. And then u said it. Glad to see ur a member of my ppl

  3. Just started using Gaia Green AP & Power Bloom last week now that it’s finally available in the lower states. Also incorporating earthworm castings as well. Yesterday I noticed small white soil born aphids or mites crawling around. Should I just try and eradicate them or just throw the plants away and start over with new seeds? Thanks

  4. Just wanted to slip a big ol THANK YOU for putting yourself out there and learning people how to grow.
    I owe you the skills to grow more flowers than I need and that exceeds the usual quality by a long shot.
    you're doing god's work!

  5. Hey Mr Canucks. I've heard that the whole black ash = unflushed or improperly flushed weed, but I've also been told that black ash means there's just too much moisture in the bud still and that it has nothing to do with flushing. I've also been told that flushing is optional and most of the time unless you're using a very heavy feeding schedule, it's not really necessary. Is there any truth to this? Sorry for all the questions ! Love your videos man!

  6. Your videos are absolutely phenomenal educational the soundtracks kick serious ass fit perfectly. I don't know how you manage to squeeze it all in considering you're clearly a bodybuilder and professional horticulturist! Oh I forgot about creating the videos that you upload amazing video editing skills their Great, Entertaining educational and the soundtracks are relaxing as f@#k! I got to take a nap from watching👏✌️😴😴😴 dreaming now… 💩💩💩 worm castings😬, 444, canopies top-dressing😴😴😪😪😪 terpenes😪😴

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