Brian Barczyk | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #362

Brian Barczyk talks with Theo about snakes, reptiles, catching crocodiles, and what drugs NOT to be on when handling them. Brian Barczyk YouTube Channel: …


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  1. is the special the same as the tour he's going on soon? seeing his show in 1 month and i dont want to ruin it if his special is the same thing…

  2. Damn, amazing episode Theo!!! You definitely need to see this guy at his shop to get some snake rehabilitation. Can't wait to check out the special on Netflix tomorrow!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!

  3. He said.. "the opposite of fear is knowledge" . I just want to clarify that that statement is dangerously not true. And ps… loving the episode, no hate, … just wanted to clear that up.

  4. I love how Theo asks if someone wears glasses, is on drugs and smells like lotion because he is concerned about himself holding a snake but doesn’t want to admit it. lol dude is hilarious.

  5. Wasn’t too familiar with Brian but I love this dudes energy and hearing him telling his experiences with reptiles and pythons, didn’t expect to enjoy hearing this guy speak about snakes so much.

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