Growing Plants with LED Lighting wsg/ Shane Torpey of Migro LED – From the Stash Ep. 46

Growing with LED lights or considering it? Shane from Migro breaks down the need-to-know info in this episode of From the Stash Podcast! Check out Shane’s …


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  1. I disagree on the need for high watts u can pull a pound with 300 watt throw in uvb and kick it up but with out jumping in CO2 enrichment I'm not a professional grower but research, study, experience has shown me different but everyone has different experience it's like my old man used to say "there are many paths to take but the destination is always the same"

  2. I use electrogenetic manipulation, grounding, low power/high frequency air oscillation, living ''sweet'' soil,
    individually addressable 65% efficient COBs with one square foot coverage fixtures ( extreme coverage efficiency) and 500 yrs old liquified manure. Basic stuff..

  3. Before you dump a bunch of calmag in your coco. Make sure you know how calmag is in the water you're starting with. I gave my garden an overdose of calmag because my tap water has allot of both already. And great podcast!

  4. Too much added red I've reduced veg time down to 3-4 weeks and with the HLG 650 diablos at 4 weeks of veg I'm getting stalks over an inch in diameter and plants that stretch past the lamp height , red under 700nm but far reds should be limited.

  5. AC Infinity a inline server and electronics fan company has started leaning towards the grow industry with not only fans, but tents, and even LEDS oh he just touched on it, only issue I can't figure how they get their PPE numbers.

  6. Leds supposed to save power then you have Foshe came out with the A3i 1480w draw with a PPE 3.03-3.32 at $2500 a lamp , the Grove pulled over 6lbs per lamp in a 6×6 foot print and its the first bar light I've seen designed for single level grows runs 100°F or cooler and made for high bay unlike other bar lamps designed for rack or vertical grows. But you can get the same PPE 3.2 with the HLG scorpion Diablo that uses only 650 watts and the lamp cost less then half of the A3i. Over 6lbs with the A3i really isn't impressive considering the power pull, because back in 2018 with a REFURBISHED HLG 550v1 3000k 4 plants dwc 3g/watt in a 5×5 and i didn't even scrog. Yields would have been even high if it wasn't only my 2nd grow running 3 cultivars on one rdwc system harvesting all 4 at 8 weeks when 2 of them where 10 week.
    The difference IMO and experience bar lamps are far stronger as far as outputs but because put on bars they loose their penetration canopy power. I'd rather get 18-24 inches of canopy penetration vs 12-18 with a bar.

  7. This chat was great,Shane is a legend imo…and the other 3 fellas aren't too shabby either…l am just finishing a runtz grow under a Migro aray8 red pro and as former 600w hps grower,l couldn't be happier…less lecky,less heat +full of bud from corner to corner…….l spent nearly 2yr looking for a suitable hps replacement and cant speak highly enuff of these lights. ..

  8. Awesome podcast fellas. Today, very little wiggle room for LED inovention now. Everyone is smds ala quantum board style. Now its just spectrume tweaking. You can rock a 2×2 easy with 150 watts if you knos what ur doing. Next step, the LED needs " sunrise and sunset " timed spectrum adjustments for Emerson and night 730 sleep settings built into the unit, and UVB last 2 week in flower setting

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