The Awin Group introduces new agency certification and launches multi-market Agency Success Center


We’re excited to release two new Awin Group agency-exclusive offerings, supporting our partners in managing successful programs on our platforms and to unlock the Awin advantage. 

Developed by Awin’s agency team, the new certification is designed to enable agency representatives to optimize affiliate marketing activity on Awin and recognize them as industry experts and leaders across the platform. Agencies with accredited account managers can become fully accredited and earn preferred Awin agency partner status.

In addition to the accreditation and following the success of Awin US and ShareASale’s Agency Resource Center, we’ve launched a new multi-market Agency Success Center. This all-in-one interactive hub of partner opportunities, resources, support and Awin and ShareASale training materials empowers agencies to drive even better results for themselves and their clients across our two platforms.

Get certified, get discovered,
get recognized

Comprised of four modules, Awin’s certification
program provides agency account managers with a comprehensive overview of the
platform, from integration and launch to partner recruitment and best practices.
Testing knowledge on the affiliate and partner marketing industry as well as
Awin, the accreditation gives the elite recognition needed to stand out from
the competition. While any agency account manager can become certified,
agencies with multiple certified employees achieve preferred Awin partner
status and are recommended to brands looking for strategic guidance and
hands-on management.

US performance marketing agency PartnerCentric is the first to become fully certified under Awin’s new global accreditation. When asked about the importance of this to PartnerCentric, Account Manger Leah Vogel says, “It was important I get certified so we can show to prospective clients we are experts in our field and across the platforms we use. Expertise is a core pillar for PartnerCentric that we value highly and always strive to exemplify. Awin’s new certification aligned with our ethos perfectly. The videos were really helpful for summarizing key processes and teaching me new things. Ultimately, all of the materials were incredibly relevant to being an Awin account manager and serving my clients well.”

In addition to the Awin program, North
American agencies can also become ShareASale certified. This six-part training
course, developed by recommendations from industry experts and actual
experiences of ShareASale clients, provides the know-how on running an
affiliate program on the platform – learning everything from the basics of
setting up a program and the best ways to communicate with affiliates, to the
variety of ShareASale tools and technologies and how to maintain long-term
success. And like the Awin certification, while any agency representative can
become certified, agencies with multiple certified employees achieve preferred
partner status to increase visibility and profile on ShareASale.  

To make sure agencies remain Awin and
ShareASale experts, certified partners must renew their accreditation annually.

Grow, connect and optimize across our

With exclusive access to over 150 partnerships opportunities, strategic insights, Awin and ShareASale training materials, industry resources and more, the new Agency Success Center helps agencies get the most out of our two leading platforms, their partnership opportunities and innovative technologies. Similar to Awin’s Partner and Advertiser Success Centers, the user-friendly design of the agency portal means partners can easily find the guidance and recommendations needed to tackle even the most critical affiliate marketing challenges and optimize client programs and their own agency offerings.

When discussing how the Agency Success Center has impacted its business, Acceleration Partners Chief Client Officer Sarah Johnson-Dayes states, “Brands are increasingly seeking more advanced expertise from agencies as they navigate the ever-evolving affiliate and partner marketing landscape. The Agency Success Center elevates our team’s ability to guide these brands, strengthen their relationships with partners, and scale their affiliate and partner programs around the world.”

Speaking about the launch of the agency certification and Agency Success Center, Awin US Partnership Development Director Rachel Tyrer says, “I’m incredibly excited to launch the new accreditation and to make the US Agency Resource Center exclusively available across multiple markets. We’ve long understood the demanding task agencies face in managing several programs and varying stakeholder needs, all while simultaneously delivering growth for the channel. With the specialized education and resources Awin provides, our agency partners have access to the resources and insights needed to bring even greater value to the brands they represent. Furthermore, our clients can benefit from working with preferred agency partners and be confident they possess the critical know-how to running a successful affiliate program. With over 10 agency account managers certified as part of the BETA launch and two certified agencies, I look forward to seeing more agency partners get certified in the coming months.”

Completing Awin and ShareASale’s agency certifications are an exclusive benefit to partners using the Agency Success Center. Apply for your access here.

If you’re an agency not working with the Awin Group looking to enhance your partner marketing efforts and drive growth for your clients, please get in touch.


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