Debate over Delta-8 THC legality

When the Farm Bill was signed into law 3 years ago, it removed hemp and derivatives of cannabis with less than .3% of Delta-9 …


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  1. It’s really sad the misinformation and mass shock factor your religious corporate heads…. the truth is the government is okay with alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, and liver damage… but natural flowers the government can’t profit from is wrong…..

  2. This isn't covid n its not killing ppl u weirdos stop making weed look n feel scary this is 2021 grow up we been smoking for years n u act like yall smoke but yall dont yall should be happy that we have delta8 n yall should ask more ppl to smoke it then make ppl not want to smoke it clearly yall trying stop it dummies im from Texas delta8 staying here so f off lol yall lose i win im roll a joint of d8 n smoke it to the face

  3. What's so wrong with this?? It can be used to help adults who'd like to quit using THC? IMO, this could be helpful and not as harmful as some uneducated individuals may perceive at first glance. Or going by hearsay. Please Educate yourselves about the benefits and risk associated with Thc, cbd , delta 8 ,9 or any hemp/cannabis products. You may be surprised.

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