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THE GENERAL BANTER PODCAST – 2/11/2021 – Feat. Micky Bartlett

This Week: Cottaging, Live Shows, Retro Sweets. Become a member of the “Dead On Mafia” by becoming a patron over at …


20 thoughts on “THE GENERAL BANTER PODCAST – 2/11/2021 – Feat. Micky Bartlett

  1. We all need barry the blender henderson back! Now more than ever in these nutjob woke times.

  2. Could listin 2 them 2 all day funniest podcast iv listin 2 不不不不

  3. Fucking love the crack, but I blocked bruv 不

  4. You two together are comedy gold, outstanding podcast. More ads than the Strictly final tho ffs surely the Patreon and live show ticket sales negate the need to plug utter shite every week? Also what happened to the Thursday 8am Patreon releases? Shorter lifespan than a celebrity marriage cmon big lad!

  5. that finish , in tears.

  6. Get Micky on the b12 that'll sort the hands out

  7. "Trying to find a dog in Orlando" – deep cut, loved it!

  8. OMG that rant at the end had me in stitches. I had tears coming down my face. Lee

  9. Clip that rant at the end.

  10. I must be the only one in the country not fussed about seeing comedians boxing. Love all the comedy squad but would rather just continue to see youse "do your wee turns" at the mic.

  11. Imagine these two heavyweights going at it for a charity boxing event. The press conference alone would be hilarious. Let local amateurs box on the undercard to promote them and give the proceeds to charity. The people want this fight night. Get it done lads

  12. I can remember that teacher well Christ that brought back some memories 不

  13. The chips are fries2go

  14. mickeys rant at the end haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jesus im in bits

  15. Lmao the boy bum busting club at Hazel bank. Fuck me we used to sit and get some laughs when we where skipping tech 25 years ago and down there watching fellas walking in for a colon scraping.

  16. Love it – keep up the good work Colin. Plenty of giggles here 歹

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