DECLUTTER WITH ME \ All the excess pantry stuff

Join the DECLUTTER-A-THON: Last week I got …


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  1. I appreciate your talking through the process. Instead of fast forwarding and playing some random song that is not to my taste. It's like listening to a sane person, I can always use more of that lol

  2. Great video. It’s awesome to see someone else going through the process. Is it possible to watch the declutterathon in replay. I missed it but also the timing would be bad for me because I live in Australia.

  3. Hi , I enjoy your declutter videos. Just a tip for the tiny nails and screws, I use empty tic tac containers for them. I peal the labels off then pop the white top off fill with the nails or screws them put the top back on. Takes up very little space and you can see what you have.

  4. Why is it so soothing to watch someone decluttering and organizing? I don’t know but when someone is slow to make a decision or keeps something while I am yelling throw it away it makes me grind my teeth.

  5. Rachel, I really enjoy your decuttering videos. Love that you explain what you're doing and why. It makes for a very calming experience.
    You cleaned up your little pantry so well.

    Also liked to see you and your husband doing breakfast together. Nice teamwork.

  6. Loved this ❤️❤️ I need to figure out how to store my daily medicines and such. It took this video to finally dawn on me that I can put EVERYTHING together! (plus blood pressure stuff)
    And yay, Red Robin! 🤤🤤🍔

  7. I saw that you just dumped your batteries in a bowl and I would encourage you to get a square container to make sure that the + and – sides of the batteries don't touch.

  8. I enjoyed this longer video. Most of the time, decluttering videos are sped up and it's hard to see the process. I enjoyed watching you think things through because it seemed more real to me than watching someone toss things around in fast forward motion. Neat to see you and your husband go out on a date! You have a cute family!

  9. Love watching your inspiring videos !!!
    … Do you have a Christmas storage bin? … if so, why not putting the extra scissors with the Christmas things 😊 ( just a thought 😊)
    …and I noticed that you put all your batteries out of the boxes into a bowl 🤔…that's actually not a good idea , because the batteries discharge each other and lose their power as soon as the opposite poles touch each other ( this is why batteries are packed separately side by side in one direction) 😉
    I wish you and your family a blessed week 💖
    Greetings from Germany
    Martina 😉

  10. I can’t commit to the weekend because of a prior trip but I’ll commit to getting rid of 50 items before Saturday. I have a homeschool closet, 2 garages, and big closet to pull from. 💃🏽🌈❤️

  11. One thing I do is put normal, everyday things that I use with holidays in with the holiday items. For instance, I would store my extra snowflake-cutting scissors with the Christmas decorations. And I would store the tea lights for pumpkins with the Halloween deco. Looking forward to Saturday! I'm currently unearthing pictures to sort/declutter and MAN, am I going to have a good numerical boost for the greater good on Sat!

  12. It looks good, the baskets make the shelves look neat. Suggestion: The metal box that had a band aid in it, wouldn't that have worked to keep the birthday candles in? The evil monkeys, maybe one of your kids would have wanted them. Just thoughts.

  13. When I decluttered tools, etc I bought two tool bags from harbor is exclusively tools, the other holds screws, nuts , tape, etc…works great for us…

  14. Rachel- could you tell me what was the bottom row of your teas? I'm trying to get away from the prepackaged ones myself and your drawer was an inspiration, just couldn't see the bottom row. Thx.

  15. im still working on my catch all drawer. pens, stationary, batteries cords. im having a problem finding containers. and i dont use nails in walls anymore, 3 m makes so many variety of hooks, removable without damaging the walls

  16. one of the things i have multiple of is scissors. i have 1 at computer, 1 at end table where i watch tv. 1 in bathroom, +hair scissors. and 2 small sewing scissors.

  17. Your video reminded me that ai had one lone hot cocoa packet in my pantry so I drank it after I watched the video. I have been cleaning out the fridge and the pantry and we are nearing the end of using up the old food. We might have to move in the semi near future and I'm determined to not have to bring a bunch of food with us next time as our moves seem to always be sudden and without much notuce.

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