Car thefts nearly double in NYC, up 94% from 2021

7 On Your Side Investigates has been tracking a 94% increase in car thefts. So far this year, 2454 cars have been reported stolen …


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  1. Imagine a bait car that sprays a quart of Fluoroantimonic acid in the face of car thieves. LOL don't forget the camera so we can see the reaction on gore forum LOL.

  2. Imagine bait cars that have seats that explode so violently the innards of the thief are blown out the top of their heads. LOL now that would be a funny thing.

  3. "What the NYPD does about it is left to be seen!"
    After they defunded the police and emasculated them in the eyes of the criminals.
    What the Judges & DA's do about the perpetrators is already common knowledge. They will reward them for preying upon & terrorizing Americans. Come visit again!

  4. 94% is a bit eccentrcic lol Car theft is primarily a part of the Underworld money making schemes. Its actually very casual more so at 34%. Its just people are complaining about it more so it seems higher.

  5. Until these clueless city leftists start acknowledging the root cause of the issue (violent black men) this problem will never be solved.

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