Me Play Joke – Cumtown Episode 278 – 9/22/2021

Cumtown Episode 278 – Me Play Joke | My f*cking back hurts. Date: 9/22/2021 – Join on Patreon (for hundreds of new episodes): …


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  1. Justin Schlegel is actually the nicest dude in the world. Got to meet him when he stopped by my job a few years ago and he hit us with some penis jokes and took a picture with us. 98 rock JSS is Baltimores radio gem.

  2. The Australian submarine thing is kind of complicated, Australia needs massively long range submarines that it's never been able to build/acquire. The current class was originally a disaster from a combination of scaling up a small Swedish design which completely ruined the stealth elements (this was eventually fixed with fibreglass body kits) and forcing local fabrication with inexperienced crews.

    The French submarines in question are a small nuclear design, fine in Europe and might do in the Pacific for short patrols, but not really at the standard Australia needs.

    On top of this, Australia had considered itself a nuclear engine free military, and so the French "Barracuda" had to be fitted with a completely untested diesel workaround, and at the same time France isn't even finished trials of the proper nuclear one.

    So, in reality, for the ultra long range patrols Australian Navy needs to do, it really needs UK or US nuclear subs.

    For whatever reason a deal was made with Biden to somehow fund a future US nuclear sub program, which will probably end up with Australia leasing subs off of the US builder. The opposition to nuclear was simply dropped.

    The French have every right to be pissed off about it, they didn't even get the chance to offer the proper nuclear Barracuda, but at the same time the Australian Navy, unusually for a modern military, had been honest about its needs and made the play for a long range nuclear sub.

    And to make things even more complicated the subs probably won't appear until 2040.

    So it was way more complicated than the US "undercutting the French".

  3. @49:00 economic punishment is the ONLY punishment that should be doled out to anybody. 20 years of physical punishment did nothing in Afghanistan. โ€œSocial justiceโ€/ boycotting is the only way to make real change.

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