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36 thoughts on “Trying THE JUICE by PLUG PLAY

  1. It’s THAT JUICE not “the juice” you spelled it wrong in the title and intro

  2. I tasted the exact same thing but to me it was very similar to the OJ from McDonald’s if y’all ever tried it😂

  3. Andrew stay getting the best of the best! Exotics only

  4. Are these better than stiiizy?

  5. “What is this what’s going on” computer noises 😂I be doing the same when mine make noise

  6. Try the friendly farms orange sunset cured resin it's 🔥

  7. New Jersey may be legal, but it hasn't even opened up any recreational dispensaries!

  8. That juice is gas no cap love from cail!!!! Y’all should give it a try

  9. Damn heading down to Cali end of the month! Can’t wait to try my first ever plug and play!! Flavor recommendations? I’m only getting 2 just cause my ads isn’t about to kill a bunch of flavors in a week lol 😂

  10. Best plugnplay pod in my opinion🔥

  11. It's that juice not the juice lol

  12. BRUH!!! PUT YOUR PHONE ON do not Disturb OR AIRPLANE MODE!!! You get so many of those noises and I think it's my phone for at least 2 seconds everytime.

  13. I gotta try Plug Play at some point. Love how far Michigan's come, but damn lol, so envious of west coast

  14. Nice! I’ve been smoking plugs everyday for like 5 years lol fire OG is where it’s at I can’t wait to try the new 24K and limeade strains🔥

  15. Next time I go to Cali I need to try a Plug Play ASAP I live in AZ and we barely just got the Stiiizys

  16. I tried that 1 it was 🔥🔥

  17. What about 18 with a medical marijuana card am I still allowed to be here

  18. smoking some bowls of pineapple og out of my beaker cheers

  19. 🔥🔥🔥 nice pod homie

  20. I'm smoking on a just jack and one of there new livest strains. No one is doing it better in the pod game

  21. I need plug n play asap

  22. 1 dislike is always a sign of a channel growing, no famous people have 0 dislikes think about it

  23. ……….nice quote at the end……snaps……….the thumbnail that you did…..the live thumbnail ….one might say……………….of you coughing………was hillarious……..(sp)………..peace….

  24. Been awhile since I cyph to one of your vids ,I was busy

  25. Also, Since you was smoking a fruity pod i popped in my Kiwi Strawberry Pod from bearlabs in my airgraft 2 (((; I really need to try plug n play though. They just look like they hit everytime, never heard one bad thing about them!

  26. 🔥🔥 frum da source thats shit is still so dope to me

  27. I need to try a plug n play lol! That strain sounds fireee!! im sure you had this one before? i think you did a video on it? i can’t remember 😂 Thank u for posting this my boy!!

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