11 SECRETS That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE I The 144,000 Twin Flame Ascension

Time to stop struggling through life and start playing on GOD MODE. You came here to soar, not to struggle. It’s Pete Sapper live.


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  1. Thank you for the Question in the beginning. It was another confirmation. I would lay around naked most of the time and would enjoy my privacy. Terence Hill / My name is Nobody – Style. The scene when he is lying in his hammock sleeping and the horse in front is carrying him around is a perfect representation of my purpose. LOL.
    Enjoying the simple things. Living an ordinary life in luxury and only move my ass when Life is asking me to do so. Thats it. End of the Story. : )

  2. Omg that's hilarious….about the music ..

    . I've always loved SO many different genres, from classical, to rap/ r&b, including love songs….🤣but I did notice as I spiritually/ emotionally evolved, and healed..

    that so many songs sound SO codependent, and yes, some pathetic 🤣🤣🤣

    And I was like damn…. I LOVE this freakin song….but the more evolved me just can't relate or dig it as much ..🤣

    Another brilliant, empowering video!

    I'm so grateful for your direction, and energy sir. God bless❤️😊

  3. It never surprises me but always fills me with joy when I hear messages like these coincide with intuitive downloads I get myself. This tells me that the chosen organize within the realm of the spirit, where the opposition organizes in earthly ways. It goes without saying that spirit was is and will always be superior to the earthly realm. We have already succeeded.

  4. I like it too when you invite guests but you are the best on your own. Psalm 23 is very soothing for me. 3 years ago, in the middle of my awakening, I intuitively felt I need to learn it by heart. When I am anxious or in fear I tell it to myself, even in a crowded place and it calms me down instantly. This is the kind of Golden Key Rule. Back then I was not familiar with this technical term I just did it by instinct. Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago I came across Psalm 144. I find it very relevant for the Chosen Ones.

  5. If when I have everything…i would still research learn etc i would still want to know why people do what they do… knowledge is more important than possessions. Showing and teaching compassion.
    Yes I am very aware that I don't have to seek revenge. I have always said the worst thing I can do to someone is to do nothing and then I have let God do what He will.

  6. This will make u laugh with my Heyoka backwards behaviour as a teenager back in The Old Country.

    "The Lost Boys" is my fav film right, u know when the four vampires they hang upside down by their feet from the ceiling in the dark in the Vampire cave.

    So I had it in my head I was David-Kiefer Southerland the head vampire in the film, I took my socks and Nike trainers off when I was 14, Metallica t shirt on, skin tight black jeans on, went into my bedroom wardrobe, closed the wardrobe doors so it was dark like in the lost boys cave.

    Then tried to hang upside down standing on my head by wrapping my toes around the clothes pole wiv my heavy metal t shirts hanging on.

    And I ended up pulling the entire wardrobe down on myself as the wardrobe collapsed, ha ha ha ha ha, I did arye, ha ha ha ha, honestly, that's adhd- heyoka for u, lol.

    Saint Anger-from The Old Country.

  7. Could be because Heyokas are from the 6th dimension. It means we’ve already mastered the 5th dimension but we’re seeking to learn balance. Balance between love and wisdom is 6th dimensional.

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