Watch a star-studded cast try to avoid a comet catastrophe in Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’

Netflix promised a big movie every week in 2021, and it’s clearly determined to end the year with its most ostentatious movie yet. The streaming service has posted a teaser trailer for Don’t Look Up, a satire where “star-studded cast” is an understatement. The movie stars Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio as a grad student and professor who try desperately to warn the public of a life-ending comet in an era where 24-hour news and social media lead to gnat-like attention spans. Those two are just the start of the headliners, though — seemingly everyone involved is a big name.

Meryl Streep is the President and counts Jonah Hill as her son, while Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry host a relentlessly optimistic morning show. The flick also features Ron Perlman, Mark Rylance, Dune‘s Timothée Chalamet and even two pop stars (Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi), among others. The Big Short‘s Adam McKay directed and wrote the title.

Don’t Look Up reaches Netflix on December 24th, but it’s arriving in “select” theaters on December 10th. The company is clearly hoping for more Oscars glory given that timing. Not that Netflix will need critical praise. The film-a-week strategy has revolved around enticing viewers with star power, even in “dead” months like January — any statuettes from late-2021 releases are just a bonus.

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