109: You Won’t Trip on These Blocks – Hemp vs. Concrete

Matt and Sean examine how hemp may become a renewable, eco-friendly building material. Watch the Undecided with Matt …


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  1. Have you looked into straw bale building? It can bee load bearing to about 800 pounds per square foot. Could hemp be baled? The secerate to getting it load bearing as the wall is compacted by threaded rods or come alongside or loading the roof before exterior wire is added sorta like prestressing concrete. Over the wire is a stucco or morter cover for fireproofing

  2. Hemp a 20'ies 70' ies plant.Let's cut out the cannabis/thc and what have we got; materials for rope, animalfood. For the modern dutch farmer it means: strainplant fast growing plant that makes the soil carbonrich and moist, bottomtemperture get' s down with 30%(spain, midwest summers can dry out the soil easely) besides these benefits your insecticide use will be lower. It's a co2 absorber and in that aspect it has got potential that mixed farming with cattle. The strainplant is remarkeble when you cut it in halfyou see the water/feedinglines that are isolated with a biologic foam. Mother nature has got it already. Another aspect in the netherlands: we need lot's of houses with recyceld or substainable materials. Then the crime or cannabis. THC is a drug: addiction is eminent, but alcohol sugar nicotine are drugs too. Anyway, it was a interesting item. Another strainplant is elephantgrass; fastgroing strainplant

  3. Marijuana is the Spanish word for cannabis. It is part of our culture because of the war waged in 20s 30s and 40s from the paper industry. They chose to use that word in propaganda because it highlighted the racial tensions at the time between Mexicans and the white people. I would like to see more people recognize this and also use the English word.

  4. I got really excited watching the hemp Crete video. I’m planning an icf custom passive build and immediately thought the increased insulation from hemp Crete would be well worth the increased cost. Unfortunately, it seems the hemp Crete just isn’t strong enough to be used in ICF. Hopefully, more work and design can be done to make it possible, because I’d love to use it.

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