LIVE Q&A and Announcements with Raelynn & me!

Our channel has grown a TON this year, so I wanted to stream live in order to answer some frequently asked questions and give a few announcements for things …


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  2. I'm so glad Raelynn is game and doing so well. One thing I've seen with kids with CP, they generally have a VERY high pain tolerance! I live in a nursing home and my current roommate has CP and she is simply AMAZING! LOVE and PRAYERS ALWAYS from Gainesville Florida.❤🙏😊🙏❤

  3. hi sunshine Baby how is Raelynn doing frome her sungery and how is Aabby bing the Raelynn in the hospital and you st home Aabby caut you up day god bless your family happy sunday and woing your family on you tube and hoop Relynn will the cast off sowen and will thake her in the haurt and I LOve Raelynn and I love your family to and I LIKe you you gouzs go LIve

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