VIIA HEMP CO | the FIRST Delta 8 brand that WORKS like this!! (+timestamps)



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  1. Direct product links, our code, and additional product details organized pretty well in the description box 🙂

    VIIA Hemp Company's Site: *Use code CHRISSY for 10% off anything on their site, not just what we tried today 🙂 So go on and save some coin!!
    TIMESTAMPS (expand to see)

    Intro to VIIA Hemp Company 0:00

    Vapes & Carts 1:24

    Vape & Carts Effects 6:21

    Intro to Gummies 7:54

    Elevate – Balanced High 8:11

    Dreams – Sleepy High 10:15

    Cloud 9 – Cognizant High 12:08

    Bliss – Super High 13:10

    Flowstate – No High – CBD for Focus 13:48

    Gummies Effects 15:38

    Recap & Discount Code 16:55

  2. I love you so much but i wanted to correct something. please don’t hate me. i’m a Licensed cannabis seller and actually holding the smoke in longer doesn’t actually affect what you are absorbing from the smoke. just a fun lil fact

  3. I have a question? Do you know any cbd gummies subscription boxes? I'm more into the gummies and I would love to find a subscription box for cbd? I do get drug tested every two months so I need something that won't pop up in my drug test?

  4. I live in Colorado D8 isn’t legal here. I tried to order vape carts off their site, and they wouldn’t let me order. There are now 17 states that’s it’s not legal in

  5. I have to have absolute darkness in order to sleep. I have to put black tape on the green light in the power strip. If I fall asleep with my socks on and/or the lights on you know I passed out super hard.

  6. I love when shes doing reviews like this and you can tell she isnt reading off of anything as she explains the product and what it does along with how it made her feel. She just knows her shit! Always so thorough and informative with her explanations too! 👏🏼😊💕

  7. Stop making me want to buy everything!!!!!! Those sleep gummies sound amazing. That’s currently what I’m using the 12.5 mg moonwlkr d8 gummies for and it works but the d8/cbn combo sounds even better. I find that I’m having trouble waking up/still being groggy.

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