Toronto Rush Hour Walk – Walking The Perimeter Of The CBD On A Friday At 5:30 On October 8th, 2021

Recorded on Friday, October 8th, starting at 5:27 pm with a DJI Osmo Pocket at 4K/60. Link to my PayPal if you’d like to support my channel: …


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  1. Goodnight Ken, this was sincerely a great 👍 central downtown walk wich was bang on, interesting and hands-down…still enjoying your North Bay streams frome days ago, will for sure check out the bus ride back to T.O. cheers

  2. Nice to see people out and about. It's not quite pre pandemic but it's getting there. That was weird hearing all those simultaneously blaring car horns for so long.
    A great walk around downtown area Ken and you are a great ambassador for the city.

  3. Dear Thekencontinuum…. In this episode, Pixel Continuum, from the far off Continuum Multiverse weaved through the brewing streets of the fabulous megalithic and ancient earth city known as Toronto…. Pixel Continuum understood through the Multiverse-TV uplink Toronto would be ancient compared to his world, The Continuum…. He was born in the urban city, Sneaker…. Which he had no idea later he would be wearing Mahagick Sneakers that would allow him to walk endlessly and not require Odour-Gobblers to snort any stinky fumes…. Pixel Continuum is the wizard of Pixelling, the Mahagick-Vlog Camera which gives him superior ability to capture all the idiosyncrasies of a weird world…. Planes screaming through the sky performing acrobatic twists and scaring Torontonians have to death…. Giant Hairy Tarantula creeping through the city… the Stalking CN-Tower…. The Horn Blower Bandit blowing his horn with such power it blows over cyclists and big snow-ploughs… Pixel Continuum merely reached out with the speed of a cobra snapping his head and snatched away Horn and then the police arrested The Horn Blower Bandit…. Aha!… Gottem… Always remember…. Be Calm and PIxel Continuum on…. Alright!…. Thekencontinuum…. the end… Always in Good Taste…. Be Supportive and Subscribe…. Check out Global News Broadcast…. Ken got a full feature moment -30 to 60s…. CHEERS!

  4. Nice walk except for the unnecessary honking. I drove a car for 62 years. And I can’t remember ever using the horn. Guess i have more patience. I really am getting to know where i am a bit. LOL. Thanks Ken. Stay safe. Till next time.

  5. We have to go back to work bodily to justify the building of office towers and the exorbitant leasing of office spaces. It could be that the real estate industry is the inertia to progress. But I don't know anything about real estate or management theory. Besides, I like how the towers look. How else does one measure a city's grandeur but by its glittering towers and gorgeous skyline? Truthfully, contending with traffic without receiving compensation for that time wasted would be enough to provoke me to rebel, perhaps. That aside, thanks for familiarizing me with your city in such a pleasant and memorable fashion! When I visit someday, Toronto won't feel like a stranger to me.

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