Anatomy of My Raw Vegan Plant Based Pizza Recipe Storytime

John from shares with you the anatomy of his uncooked raw plant-based vegan pizza that he makes to eat. You will learn about all the …


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  1. Yes it’s a ton of work. People do not realize that planting the seeds is not gardening. Sourcing, planning, amending the soil, weeding, all of it! Not to mention the recipes for sauces etc. And yes, you are crazy! And that’s fantastic! Thanks John

  2. Awesome! I grow my own basil too. I always pick the top flowering leaves/buds too but I never knew they were more nutritious I just always liked them better haha. Aspiring to move out somewhere I have land to grow more than herbs. It’s tricky in an apartment

  3. I found your "Anatomy of My Raw Vegan Plant Based Pizza Recipe Storytime" fascinating.
    But, you broke the #1 rule for a food video.
    You did not show yourself taking a bite and exclaiming how great it tasted. Keep'em coming!

  4. The black garlic in a jar tastes like molasses to me.. It is part of Starry's cancer healing protocols for her own healing She has a channel named "Simply Starry Sustainable living with God" txs John, great vid!!!

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