Free Heroin, Cocaine & Meth Are Being Distributed to Stop Overdoses

Activists in Vancouver, Canada are buying drugs on the dark web, testing them for purity and then giving them away for free. They hope to bring attention to an …


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  1. Thank you for ruining more peoples lives they deserve whatever comes with drugs like overdoses meth heroin and cocaine shouldn't be a godamn think and damn sure shouldn't be handed out for fucking free by the government

  2. Who is paying for all this ? Tax payers !!! Wow .. so now not only I’m paying for your steaks and wine I’m also paying for your high !!!! 👍

  3. Its only better than the alternative. Doesn’t mean it’s good to be dependent on drugs though. We need to combine this with education and a quality rehabilitation service. And also give people a meaning and ability in life. We need social reform to improve people’s circumstances with a purpose in life.

  4. This has been going on since man first crushed grapes.
    And we get Capone, and Kennedy from prohibition.
    None of them ended well. Face it. You who are being judgmental of a person using drugs, while kicked back in your recliner having an alcoholic beverage. Do not be confused alcohol IS a drug.

  5. Drugs are bad for your health and mind especially hard drugs so giving the people something bad for them is a bad idea. It’s enabling. You should help the people suffering from addiction by with rehab centers so they can have a will to live instead of want to destroy themselves or forget life and get high drugs.

  6. This is ok if you live in a 1st world country like Canada. Try doing this in a 3rd world country were poverty inflamation , lack of jobs is existing, prettt sure that country would get worsen.

  7. Most Fentanyl — based Deaths are actually Suicides. Everyone knows that if you want to end your miserable life — Fentanyl is the way to go. Homelessness is the REAL reason for this epidemic of "street suicides". Everyday day in the USA 200 Homeless people decide that they have had enough of the Torture of Homelessness. The media refuses to talk about this Epidemic. They don't talk about the Homeless suicide problem because the public might demand Housing for All if they knew the truth about how soul crushing it is to be on the street. The truth about mental illness would come out into the open , and the powers that be do not want the truth to come out. Just last week I talked with a retired social worker, and she verified what I and many others have seen over the years : Mental illness is Caused by Homelessness !!! Only a small percentage of schizophrenic street people were sick Before becoming Homeless. In nearly 80% of cases the Onset of severe mental illness started AFTER becoming Homeless !!

  8. Like was said in the video. Legalize everything. Tax it. Done. Use the tax money for treatment and education for young people to prevent them from starting on drugs.

    Drugs are illegal now.

    People continue to use them.

    Legalization of drugs is not likely gonna drive usage rates through the roof.

    I dont care who you are. Everybody knows someone who knows someone who knows someone however many steps down the line it takes, but everybody is no more than a few phone calls away from finding drugs right now, I'd be willing to bet money on it. Majority of people will continue to avoid them, even if they are more readily available. The ones that use drugs now aren't letting the rule of law get in in way of obtaining them anyway, so the government might as well a – quit wasting money and resources on catching the guy who has more weed than the current laws allow, and b – start collecting tax revenue for sales, and hell, maybe use the money to help the people who want to get clean.

  9. The only way to battle illicit drugs is to legalize and undercut the current market. If safe drugs were readily available and cheaper than street drugs you could collapse the current black market. It worked for Amazon.

  10. As conservative / libertarian I agree with this model police should fight real crimes instead of arresting drug addicts and ruining their lives more than they already are

  11. That and taxing the Cartels as regular companies will take care of the Mafias biggest money makers….
    Then, you can start changing the culture and mentality of society to become healthy and drug free….

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