We Are Living In Squid Game | *MATRIX REVEALED*

We Are Living In Squid Game | *MATRIX REVEALED* The signs are all there you just need to be open to seeing them! Did you see the signs of the matrix in the …


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  1. Hey Abbie, I could definitely see things in Squid Game that reflected on real life and at times it did feel sickening to watch even though I was a fan of the show. But I wasn't aware of just how 'real' everything was as you have described. I have so many questions! 😅 I guess I'm curious to know how you came to learn about the reptilians? Did you receive channelled messages about what they're doing right now? Have they done this sort of thing on earth in the past, or is relatively new? I've heard that the human race has gone through downfalls and rebuilding in the past, and now we're coming to a 'make or break' point again. Lastly thank you for all this amazing content, I'll continue making my way through your videos! xx

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