What You'll WISH You Knew BEFORE Moving To Austin Texas – 2022

What You’ll WISH You Knew BEFORE Moving To Austin Texas – 2022 Considering either moving to or living in Austin Texas? Well in THIS video we go over the …


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  1. Sooo true about the speedy drivers here! Recently moved from San Francisco where I’d consider myself a faster driver than most, so I was really surprised when I found myself getting passed on the freeway in Austin. …Lesson learned – a fast driver by CA standards is a slow one by TX standards!

    Really good to know about the higher chances of getting pulled over here.

  2. Property taxes are crazy! Taxes on a 400,000 home is 1000 a month just in taxes y’all! Add an HOA and insurance and your dropping some cash before the payment is even made .

  3. I have a good job lined up in Austin (I think) but honestly the growing pains and real estate insanity are making me think twice. That's so much risk for a family of five to come down there.

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