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I Posted a Video About CBD and THIS Happened…

I recently posted a video about CBD with an unboxing of Charlottes Web and CBDMedic products that are completely legal in all 50 states – I even saw them in …


4 thoughts on “I Posted a Video About CBD and THIS Happened…

  1. ❤️ Link to the original video in question – Charlottes Web CBD: Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the issue!
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  2. Your program is fine to me. I love Charlotte's Web.

  3. Aimee, I'm sorry you're getting YouTube slack about this topic. It was, in fact educational. Obviously the folks at YouTube don't know what they're talking about. As you stated, I've seen other cbd videos on YouTube (not as informative as yours) with commercials. Why is it okay for other Tubers and not you? Unless they're going to make this a mandate for everyone then they shouldn't pick & choose who they annoy. This New Yorker has got your back! Be well.

  4. obviously, youtube had a very uneducated "real" person review it.

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