Creating a Balanced and Healthy Soil

Bart from Paonia Soil Co. Leighton Bryan FCP …


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  1. What I got out of this episode was organics will regulate the ph of your soil but you should definitely start off with a more regulated ph to begin with. Later on it matters way less.

  2. Glad youre talking about autophagy! I eat a ketogenic diet and get more autophagy while im eating as well as when im not with a restricted time feeding each day and longer fasts. Eat high quality food and you don't need toe at as often!

  3. Does anyone actually know what "carbon neutral" or "carbon sequestration" means and why it's said to be important? Or are they just saying words? News flash: human-emitted CO2 is not the cause of climate change! Wake up! You are being lied to and manipulated to create the New World Order.

  4. I really wish we would stop calling peat and coco "soil". Maybe if we did that then people would start understanding the disconnect between soil and growers.

  5. Hey guy’s, I love your show, I watch as much as I can. I’m here asking for a favour. Can you please edit each episode into segments. Maybe 30min to an hr long. I want to watch the whole show. It’s just a lot to take 3 hrs at a time to watch each show. Even if you break it up yourself it not the same because you don’t know the best spots to break. Lol. I know I’m being a putz but it would be really awesome. It may get you more subscribers too. Who knows. I just find it a bit overwhelming because I want to watch a whole episode at once then I just put it off. Either way these are 1 fans way of giving feed back. Thank you for all you’ve shared. Keep them coming. Take care.

  6. i tuned into the talk near the end of the show and thought Mr. M. had oxygen running….many thoughts ensued. Off an on pausing to finish the rest of the show from the beginning and many hours later… I find the solution to my confusion. too funny. excellent talk. thank you

  7. Another great show!!! I love all the tech glitches. There will be a day when we all say (to date ourselves) “temper back when the volume was messed up and you couldn’t even see the quest” much like we say today remember reading the forums then posting a comment only to wait for days or even weeks. LOVE IT GUYS THANK YOU!!!!!

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