Spirit Guides Answer Your Political Questions #psychic #politics

Thanks to viewers that posted their political questions for my Spirit Guides to answer. I think their is some surprising answers in this video regarding our future …


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  1. Benefits for seniors 6:20, Beto O’Roarke 8:00, Kamala 11:19, Loud mouths who have gone quiet 14:10, Future mainstream use of Cain is and hemp 16:49, Russia missile near space station 12:13, 2022 election and voting rights bill 24:47, Inflation/economy 31:03, Ghislane Maxwell 35:05, Mark Meadows 38:10, Supreme Court 41:11, tRump 43:50, Student loans 45:00, Kanye West & Michael Cohen 46:33, Bannon 51:34, Roger Stone 54:39, Adam Schiff 55:11, Michaela Flynn 56:43, Kamala again 59:45, Sinema and Manchin 1:02:10

  2. My instinct says Texas isn’t ready for a Democrat governor at this time. My sense is that Texas can’t go from red to blue so fast because that would throw the energy of balance out of whack, which is what energy is working towards. There needs to be a transitional governor in place. Someone who is Republican but moderate to help with energy to transition to Democrat.

  3. Hi Susan Lynn, Senator Sinema is a Senator, so she doesn't represent any district. She represents the whole state of Arizona, as does Senator Kelly. The Democratic party in AZ have been considering censuring her. She likely will get challenged in the primary from a more progressive candidate since she has pretty much betrayed us and her own values. I certainly won't vote for her. Her term is up in 2024. Senator Kelly came in, I believe, under a special election because of Jeff Flake's resignation, and Senator Kelly will be up for election in 2022. So if people want to help keep the Senate blue, please contribute what you can to Senator Kelly's campaign. He's an honest guy, has integrity and ran his campaign without corporate donors. He can't be bought. His wife is Gabby Gifford who was shot and barely survived. So you know he is for responsible and reasonable gun laws. Hope this helps clarify things a bit.

  4. Dear Susan, loved your advice to take back our power and raise our vibration because this roller coaster WILL drive us crazy. Thank you for doing that political reading as I know it is as frustrating for you as it is for us. It's like being trapped in Bizarro world with no way out

  5. Re: student loans….they are sold off repetitively, interest rates increase each time. I know of several people who are paying 25%. Sinema is on her way out as a Dem in AZ. Her coffers are filled with money from non-Dems.

  6. You know, with respect to the supreme court justice Kavanaugh, we as citizens tried to stand up. How much more standing up can we do then to march the lady into court to testify against him; the lovely sweet woman who was raped by him in a fraternity beer party. She sat there on that stand and poured her story out to all of us. I called that standing up. Where does standing up get us?

  7. I think most of what you talked about. Is just about racsim I think all Republicans are racist and most of America is racist and most of the world is racist. America didn't care about what dump did as long they thought they are making money

  8. Susan every word you say makes so much sense. I hope we achieve the voting bill. We must. I’m looking forward to the economic boom. So much coming up. It’s been a crazy couple of years. Maxwell’s trial will be interesting. A mock trial. I didn’t expect that. Thank you Susan for this reading.

  9. I really appreciate your honest and clear channeling of Spirit. It is so much better to have it straight rather than to be told what we want and then be disappointed.

  10. Civil lawsuits are not justice. They don't set a legal president that protects the country in the future and that is, literally, the only thing that matters. We don't need them punished. We need to be protected from this ever happening again.

  11. If you are a progressive and you believe you will get any of the things that were promised to you to earn your vote; you're wrong. Sine I was old enough to vote I have been progressive and the Dems have never once kept a progressive promise. Not one. We have to vote for them because the other option is worse. We are always thrown away the second we vote for them. There is no good news in this post.

  12. I was with you until you started talking about free will. I don't agree at all. Everyone comes to earth with limited free will and a predestined life plan that includes multiple soul contracts. I think of our main path in life as a tree trunk and the branches are detours that only go so far until we are forced to turn around and get back on the main path which is the tree trunk. I'm not sure why so many readers espouse free will, as humans we make choices thinking it's our free will but those choices are aligned with our destined, pre-planned path that we created before we reincarnated.

  13. Love to listen to you and your guides political insights. You were very accurate about recent events and it is good to know you see what many of us see too. I listened until the end and it is true that we need to do things for ourselves that gives us purpose and joy. We can be like the lotus flower that rises above the murky waters. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your guides, and all your viewers!

  14. I watched this from my office laptop on which I can't comment or like.
    Came back to do that!
    I could definitely see Adam Schiff as California guvnah!
    Katie Porter too.
    I don't participate in the latest politics as much as other viewers. I don't do cable TV…yes to YouTube, but a quick glance at the photo and headline tells me what shenanigans they are up to. I did have to watch the full anime of that wastral crackpot who is sucking off the public teat. Any McDonald's employee would be sacked immediately if they posted that to social media (replacing the faces of AOL and Biden with their local McDonald's managers). There doesn't need to be long speeches about why he should feel the boot up his jacksie. It's something an immature 13-year-old boy would find hilarious. How do these people get such cushy jobs in government??? Sign me up!!!!!!
    Thanks for remembering the people who are or will be under the thumb of social services. I dread having to sign up for any of it.
    The job you and Jen predicted would hire me crashed and burned. God's rejection is god's protection. They are barking mad anyway!🤣🤯

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