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Healing Project OC Ep3 | Tino (My Dog Beat Cancer) on How he used Cannabis to treat Shortys Lymphoma

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Healing Project Podcast with Jesse and Isabel Ramirez and special guest Tino, discussing treating Dog Lymphoma using …


3 thoughts on “Healing Project OC Ep3 | Tino (My Dog Beat Cancer) on How he used Cannabis to treat Shortys Lymphoma

  1. Listening to this podcast I can relate to every single thing Tino was saying. I am currently treating my second dog diagnosed with osteosarcoma,Ollie, with Jesseโ€™s protocol .
    I got 17 WONDERFUL months with my previous pup Ben Ben with this protocol and now my Ollie is not just surviving but THRIVING! Sheโ€™s happy , active and living her best life at 12 1/2 years old thanks to this ! It all comes down to quality of life for me . I treated my first dog with osteosarcoma Tyson , with chemo and he was miserable. The time he had left was spent not wanting to eat , scared to go to the vet and just being a shell of his former self. When we stopped the chemo he eventually went back somewhat to his old self. But I lost him shortly after :(. I vowed to never do that to one of my babies again. I was so thankful when I found Tinos -My dog beat cancer group and found out about jesses protocol. Seeing Ben Benโ€™s quality of life and now my Ollieโ€™s , treating them with cannabis rather than chemo was a whole different world ! I am a true believer and honestly even if I donโ€™t get some extraordinary amount of extra time with my babies , I feel good seeing them happy , comfortable and being able to do all the things they love, and knowing that I am treating them in a MUCH healthier way!
    THANK YOU Jesse , Isabel and Tino for doing all you do to make this happen for us โค๏ธ

  2. I agree with the food we feed, even down to the water. So much depends on what we feed our friends. We need to keep them active and engaged!

  3. Nice! Tino was the reason I found you guys I Initially!!! Thank you for healing our little baby and changing all of our lives guys!!!

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