British man jailed for 25 years in Dubai over CBD oil in his car | 5 News

Have you subscribed to 5 News?: ▻ British nation Billy Hood was sentenced to 25 years in jail after four bottles of vape liquid containing …


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  1. It’s their law and their way of life….don’t break their laws it’s as simple as that….we all know how you brits treat and think of immigrant in uk. I support Dubai on this

  2. I'm sure the rich do 👃over there and the working class get nabbed 25 years for cbd or even thc drink is worse then cbd this is shocking it doesn't even get you high Boris we need words with the Arabs

  3. Regardless you should have called up and asked if CBD was legal before taking it over to a very strict conservative country…when I travel anywhere abroad, I take extra caution, I double check what I am taking with me and I use pad locks to secure my bag.

    Also I do my research, I don't believe I should get a free pass to break the law in other countries just because I am white British…I have no sympathy for him.

  4. Why anyone would want to go to a place where your basic human rights are stripped is beyond me. The only people i see going there are middle class yuppie boys wanting attention on their Instagram so they can look like some hard working successful business owner when in reality they're just spending mummy and daddies pocket money

  5. I am shocked and disgusted at this. If you are a wealthy lawyer , and are able to to help. Please do. This country, UK. Has to help this young man, our foreign office has to intervene on a diplomatic level for exoneration. Billy has never done drugs, and this was a mistake, largely by his friend , now at Billy's heavy cost.

  6. I'm wondering why someone from Britain would want to go to a hell hole like Dubai simply to coach football.

    He could have coached football anywhere in Europe but this wasn't good enough, probably because he wouldn't get astronomical wages.

    And this is why he and other people like him end up in prison or dead. Greed! that's why he's in prison. I have no sympathy.

  7. Right lisen up and listen up good 👍 dubai is a place where you cannot take drugs cannot do anything where in Britain you can you get a slap on your hand
    If you know you cannot do illegal stuff why do it
    Aw cbd was his mate well keep better company simple and all mothers think the sun shines out of thier children arses
    When its blatant she does not know him you can scream and shout as much as you like on TV when your in the Arab UAE
    You play by thier rules

  8. CBD is harmless. There is a cross in the communication lines. Most people who do CBD can see how the "science" is abused like a bad opinion but on one hand they place the burden of proof on you and then they don't want to hear it as if they got their minds already made up. If you discovered a drug that healed huge like no other you would have a terrible battle of BS because deep down they don't want you healed and we're still here pretending they are making a mistake or they are old and senile when in reality they know it never should have been illegal in the first place. They are impossible to deal with and yet they say that exact thing about you just as you're thinking of it.

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