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Lemon Punch CBD Flower Review – The CBD Flower Shop

In this video I review The Lemon Punch strain of CBD Hemp Flower From I am not a doctor or medical expert. I talk on my own …


5 thoughts on “Lemon Punch CBD Flower Review – The CBD Flower Shop

  1. Well done for laying off the thc 👊

  2. Quality review. I've given up nicotine completely, but I use thc vapes mostly for pain relief. Sometimes I need to lower my levels a bit. I use cbd drops which has actually helped my skin from when I was burnt.

  3. CBD flower shop is trending it's ass off, great video again bro, added it to my website hope thats's ok…

  4. Might have to try this! Good review x

  5. Great review 🙌🏼 loving the videos mate. Keep it up. And Great idea having special guests on the vids!

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