Interview #25: Cannabis, CBD and THC – What You Should Know (with Dr. Amir Englund) – Audio Only

Dr Amir Englund is a cannabis scientist at King’s College London. He has been involved in and run a number of experimental cannabis, THC, CBD studies.


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  1. I smoke and make edibles, 8 of my friends have died from heroin and yes they started off smoking cannabis, however they took heroin because they were hanging around with idiots they met while buying cannabis, there's the rub. A few of my friends took heroin at house parties mainly because they could not sleep as they had taken amphetamines, some genius said itd help them sleep and their hearts stopped. People like to be popular by giving their experiences they have had but in situations they should not be in. Having pure thc/cbd in a lab setting is not the same as smoking a joint and going for a nice dog walk. The terpines and flavonoids are important to the experience in the same way that smell affects memory and taste (visa versa) its what you get from the experience of smoking the thing and if you personally find it a benefit or a hindrance like do i have a cup of coffee or tea this morning.

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