323rd District Court Detention Hearings

This livestream is made available to provide access to court proceedings for the alleged victims of criminal acts that are within this court’s jurisdiction, …


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  1. Hopefully next time the people that are working the pods will be ready: it kind of ruins the experience when he tells them to bring everybody in and they’ll do it “in person”. I thought the reason that they were doing it via zoom was so that they would not have to do it in person, but apparently these people are making the judge angry, so he makes everyone come into the courtroom.

  2. The opening of proceedings (inadvertently triggered by COVID) is without question a great leap forward for justice. Judge K not only informs but setsa redlines publically, that the youth, often unaware of, must not cross, otherwise its "KIMBO", and prepacked pasta for a long time…That as a preventative measure is invaluable in reducing crime. Id lay odds in Tarrant Co cases will trend down hereafter. Get on board Judge KIM, 100%, u seem about 80%..

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