recovery, my injury and answering lots of questions! WEEK OF MY WORKOUTS | FREE VIRGIN …


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  1. I´ve ruptured my achilles tendons three times and I promise you you would´ve noticed if it was actually ruptured. When it happens there is no doubt in your mind what just happened 🙂 :/

  2. Holly you should do a video where you try different unexpected food combinations/weird recipes that actually taste amazing.
    My favorite is a peanut butter and pickle sandwich… it sounds bizarre but I swear it’s amazing and everyone ive made it for has loved it!
    Since you love both peanut butter and pickles, I think you’ll love it too!

  3. Huge congratulations on the race Holly you are honestly incredible and so very inspiring 👍🏻😎💪🏼 (And incredibly nice and funny on the top of that ❤️)
    Will you be restocking the Narna store? Christmas is coming up and I would love to get a hand on one of those Mago sweaters 😉🤍 (favorite fruit ever!! )Hugs from Croatia ! 🇭🇷🌻

  4. On Strava you can either do a manual post which won’t show the route, or add privacy settings which allow you to put a privacy zone over the area your home is in! Hope this helps xx Congrats on your amazing marathon journey

  5. Well done on completing the marathon!! I am currently doing couch to 5k and I ran for 20 minutes straight the other day! That sounds so short compared to a marathon but I never thought I would be able to run for that long. Your running content has helped to keep me excited and motivated to run.

  6. I also run for fun… I didnt count time or km… I remember how I wished I would run a marathon and wwwoosh I suddendly started running ultramarathons + 70km… 😀 I dont have a professional training plan, i just run when I want and how long I want. The only rule I have is run 80% of the race 5 days before the event. I am huge salomon fan and I use my basic physiology sport knowledge from med school.

    BTW Thank you sooo much for the roller massage thing, its AMAZING! (not only after run but also after 8 hours shifts in hospital 🙂

  7. You can hide your location on strava if you go to settings, my privacy and then just scroll down to map visibility. There you can change your settings so no one knows where you start from or something else…

  8. Hi Holly. In regards to strava, if you were to select the activity, then click on the three dots on the top right corner, you should be able to edit map visibility. There after additional settings will be found under manage privacy settings. Also I don't know if this will change the settings for all activities or just for the chosen one. (This is on the mobile app). Hope it helps.

  9. I have kept the Marathon video downloaed with me bcz u r such an inspiration for me and that video made me emotional bcz despite of your injury u completed your goal and your family is just ❤️❤️

  10. Don’t feel bad about not wanting to drive even if you have a license. I have a license but i have not driven in 3-4 years and I think would need to learn it all over again. Do not feel bad about it ☺️ lots of love 💗

  11. Hiya Holly…nothing is more uplifting, envigorating nor inspiring than the way your eyes light up and dance and the smile on your face and the way you become even more animated than usual, whenever the word "GOAL" finds its way into your videos LOL
    CONGRATS again Holly and I'm so glad to hear that your Achiles is responding to your treatment/exercise regimen, BUT PLEASE DO NOT RUSH IT or it could well haunt you beyond your wildest expectations!
    Stay safe and stay happy! 🤞

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