4 Stocks With Insane Gains ~ Is Bitcoin About To Breakout?

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  1. Jerry you have the most informative stock videos, I'm so glad I stumbled across your site. I have 1k I'm looking to put into the stock market and let it sit and forget until my newborn daughter is 16, so 16 years. I'm looking hard at qyld and voo? Do you have any suggestions on this? Keep making great videos yourba cut above the rest!

  2. Great video with some decent plays! In terms of TSLA, I easily foresee Tesla not only recovering from all the recent volatility, but itโ€™s growth exploding. What is more is the fact that EV sales only continue to rise and TSLA is the #1 choice leading the industry as an IA company not just another car company!

  3. Thereโ€™s that intro! I am tempted to buy some anfield energy, penmf, just bought UUUU yesterday. Probably will grab some shipping instead

  4. Hey Jerry,

    What do you think comparing the following aluminum stocks and I like to know your opinion about Aluminum move in next 2 years. Thanks,

  5. I do love your risk management bar so I hope you keep including it.
    I missed out on UUUU after you talked about it. I had it on my watch list just never pulled the trigger. Darn. Maybe next time. Thanks for a great video Jerry.

  6. Hi Jerry, great update.
    Considering Uranium i will just hold my stocks while physical uranium prices are skyrocketing.
    I will consider selling 30-50% as soon as we see new ATH on the uranium spot price. I will keep the rest with a stop loss until we reach my personal spot price target or i get stopped out.

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