Bombay and Cedar Summer 2021 Unboxing QUARTERLY LIFESTYLE BOX

Bombay & Cedar Summer 2021 Unboxing 2 Stars out of 5 on my approval scale! To purchase, click here: The Facts: A …


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  1. I am an annual member and received this same box several months late. So disappointing. I cancelled my subscription and think I have one box left, but it's hard to tell on the web site. Trying to sell/trade a bunch of summer box items.

  2. I ordered one of their mystery boxes and it was all garbage stuff. It was pretty pricey, so I wrote to them to complain and they never got back. I had been thinking about subscribing, but luckily I had that bad experience before I took the plunge.

  3. I wouldn’t pay that much for any box to be honest but I guess the CBD and the flat iron made it kinda worth it. I would be concerned like you are if they are doing crowd funding… kinda scary. I hope you receive all of the boxes that you paid for 🤞🏼💕🤞🏼💕🤞🏼

  4. I've had a gut feeling for a while that they are getting ready to go under. I used to receive the beauty box about a year and a half ago….and I loved it back then. They used to put them in the really pretty boxes and then the items were in a cute drawstring bag inside the box. However, I stopped getting the box at the beginning of Covid because their shipping almost went to a halt. Then this past May, I received a really good offer to get 3 months for the price of 2. It took me about 3 months to receive my first beauty box and I wasn't impressed with the products. The box was plain white and the items were just thrown into the box 🙁 I received my last box about 2 weeks ago and that was was wrapped in tissue paper…which was fine. The items were just mediocre. I have a feeling that they are 'borrowing from Paul to pay Peter'. They keep claiming it's due to Covid, but every other box out there has pulled it together and ships on time (mostly). Anyway, that's my gripe. I do believe they are going down, which is unfortunate because they used to be a great company with really unique items (lifestyle and beauty).

  5. I would not be happy with this box at all. It doesn't feel worth $75 to me. CBD companies vary widely on their quality so I am always incredulous of companies I'm not familiar with. I would be feeling all the same feelings you are feeling for sure!

  6. Well after this review, I definitely will NOT subscribe to Bombay & Cedar, and I absolutely think that other than the CBD oil, there was nothing exciting, heck you can get a flat iron anywhere these days, nothing great about it aside from a nice vibrant colour.

  7. They’ve always been a little hit or miss. I used to subscribe when they just had the one monthly box for like $35. The boxes were gorgeous. I still have them. Things started going downhill when they started their beauty box and then the bigger quarterly lifestyle box. That’s when I canceled. I would be billed for my next box before I even got tracking for the current one. I still keep an eye out for a “can’t live without it” item, and I absolutely love their essential oils.
    It is worth noting that they are a relatively small, black owned business.

  8. No 75 is crazing the chips qnd note book are crazy that being said i went into a book srore the other say and that size not book was 15 and up 🙁 prices hqve doubled.. now rhe cbd product is amazi g to have

  9. Great video. Things that make go hmmmmm. I wouldn’t be happy with that box. I don’t think that’s it’s worth the cost or wait time. Maybe the next one will better. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 for you.

  10. Um. Well. I've seen worse. BUT, personally, I wouldn't be happy with this box. For one, I have no use for a flat iron, I don't straighten my hair. And I feel like most people who want a flat iron already have one or would prefer to pick their own? That price on that seems a little questionable.. You could get a pack of those notepads at Dollar Tree, along with a full size water bottle, a full size bag of chips and a full size lip item. The game, eh, could be amusing.. It just seems like they threw in a bunch of cheap crap with a couple bigger items to make it seems more high end. It was not at all cohesive! I know the CBD drops are usually expensive, but I think that was also a questionable item since you'll probably have quite a few people who wouldn't want to use it. So for a curly haired person who also doesn't want to use CBD, they got, what, a couple chips and a vessel for two sips of water to wash them down with?

  11. I usually go by my gut feeling in these situations
    I know the CBD oil carried the cost of the box. But I have to agree the other items were just not up to a $79 box in my opinion
    I think this company is going belly up

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