My Secret Tramp Stamp Tattoo Ft. MannyMUA & Laura Lee (Fool Coverage) | Wild 'Til 9 Episode 59

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  1. Ah this was one of my fave episodes! I was rolling the entire time!! 😂 I would love to see some more episodes with guests Jeremy knows more such as old friends or some of his acapella friends from college!

  2. Why is nobody talking about how HOT Jeremy looked when he was telling everyone that Lauren the love of his life told him to lose normally!?! The grunt and the sweet way he looked at Lauren!?!?! HOLY SHIT!😱😱😱

  3. Ladies! I found this out earlier this year but if you find a mole below your bikini line get it checked out immediately! I just had a pre-cancerous one removed and my dermatologist told me nothing that grows beneath that line is good for you.

  4. Married my HS BF and the bond that you get from sticking together through growing up and figuring out life is really incredible. Granted you might be pretty self reliant but it’s never been a downfall, only a pro!

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