Zach LaVine's hot start not enough as Chicago Bulls fall to Miami Heat | CHGO Bulls Postgame Show

The Chicago Bulls took on the Miami Heat Saturday night at the United Center looking to extend their winning streak to three …


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  1. Coby is deliberately playing terrible. I keep telling those that'll listen that Coby has a problem with the coach. He ignored the reporters question to say.we won. Only to say he was talking about the college game. His attitude has changed and he is going to do everything to help his team but score. I hope I'm wrong but we'll see in these remaining games. Go Bulls!

  2. The reason the Bulls cannot beat the good teams is that those teams have better coaching and can strategize better and adjust better and specific game prepare better than the Bulls

  3. Miami fan here. DJJ wasn’t the best shooter here in Miami. Teams would always leave him open. He gets a little streaky at times, but mostly misses everything other than dunks and layups. Very althletic. It’s who he really is. Bad 3pt shooter

  4. Forget about winning against top teams they just look intimidated from get to all the games weren’t even close and that’s to question coaching and the character of ur players. All the top teams have lost again middle of the pack teams except Chicago how do U explain that.

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