CTE & Cannabis: How Cannabis Saved Former Saints Offensive Tackle Kyle Turley

The Cannversation welcome’s Kyle Turley to the show. He discusses CTE, medicine in the NFL, and his own Cannabis line with Cannversation host Dave …


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  1. The world is too slow in forgetting the stigma of cannabis. Even if the NFL excepted it the backlash from people who are still miseducated on cannabis would give them grief and they don't want negative publicity

  2. I was just talking about this on my podcast a few days ago. I wanna get involved in the cannabis industry and get this herbal medicine to athletes July 24th 2007 was the end of pro wrestling as we knew it really but more importantly the end of the lives of 40yr old Canadian pro wrestler Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and his 7yr old son Daniel which was ruled as a double murder suicide he had severe CTE and depression they said his brain was that of an 85yr old alzheimers patient with dementia I often wonder if we knew what we know about cannabis and it's medical values then could Mr Benoit and his family have still been here today and many other wrestlers who passed away early. In 2006 Rob Van Dam wrestler and cannabis icon was arrested for possession being forced to drop the WWE and ECW titles and a 30 day suspension which would end up to him leaving the company in 07 I know this wouldn't have happened today but I look at not just wrestling but football basketball ufc soccer tennis etc and how this plant could save the athletes who risk thiers to entertain us

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