Barry Morphew Arrest Affidavit Highlights

The Arrest Affidavit has been released and I have spent all day reading, r-reading, and comparing it to my preliminary hearing notes. Barry Morphew is out on …


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  1. Why are the girls smiling like stupid damn girls while their mother is dead that to me reflects the level of superficiality in some American mentalities these girls had it all a mother is everything these girls were lucky not to have gone through the holocaust people forget how lucky they are. In America its all about money and super ego, rarely true love

  2. I don't understand how the daughters are so trusting of their father. I love my dad whole heartedly but I know he was a POS to my mother. Believe me he tried to manipulate my mind but even as a child I knew.

  3. Barry’s new girlfriend is still likely in the honeymoon stage of the relationship. He is probably still love bombing her. She may eventually see his true colours. Hope it’s not too late.

  4. This is going to go down like a lead balloon for most people. Can I just make a point before people start having a go especially hardcore suzanne supports.

    Suzanne does not deserve to be taken from this world. If barry is guilty at the end of this, I will be ecstatic. I wish nothing else but to see suzanne get justice.

    What you see below is how I see it through reading the 129 pages. I'm not an expert in anyway or form but have research this from day 1.

    this is what I believe in short:

    1) I believe Suzanne consumed alcohol on more than one occasion which led to most of the arguments. She also took cancer medication amongst other medicines. But I think suzanne had good reason to spy on barry if concerning the women that he tried to eye up. But the 1 picture just looks as if she has had a few. Seriously she looks awful.

    2) I also believe that she pestered Barry many times about being with another women. The introduction to the spy pen reinforces that reason. I believe she was becoming paranoid also.

    3) I also believe that she entered certain but not all of the porn sites on his computer to set him up which Would coincidence with the theory of If your having an affair, then It would give suzanne a reason to get out of the marriage

    4) I dont believe that barry to try to get the girls on his side. He tried to prove a point to the girls and make them aware of what was going on between them.

    5) I Also believe that barry may have took suzannes life via the breezeway corridor which he would have a perfect shot considering that suzanne was lying on her front.

    Suzanne stood her ground, not as vulnerable as she may seem to be. But the flip of the coin Suzanne did what she had to do to find freedom from a controlling, angry husband.

    Both barry and suzanne was a mirror image of each other but with different outcomes.

    The problem I have with the affidavit is the charge is based mainly upon the inconsistencies of Barry statements and the truck sensor data. All of these points need to proved directly with no doubt. I cant really see how they are going to prove that.

    Yes they argued and suzanne had an affair and barry had a supposed affair which can't be proved 100% due to the fact they have no proof of being anything but close friends which the CCTV footage shows. The problem I have with barry having an affair with that women (I'm not going to try and spell it) 🙂 apart from barry going to her house most nights and CCTV footage at the antler hotel, most the speculation comes from the public of salida.

    I do find that a coincidence on valentines day, when Suzanne was hoping that he would not be there for valentines day so libler and suzanne could get togther.

    but the prosecutors need to prove that those arguments or phone data led to the build up of barry killing suzanne. They are going to find it very hard to prove.

    Almost everything in there is circumstantial evidence. what can you prove that says for definite that barry killed suzanne. I say barry had the perfect opportunity in the breezeway corridor

    My Prediction: is going to be get out of jail card of for barry at the end of this trial. Even the judge doesn't know how she was killed for 100%. This is not about circumstantial Evidence. The prosecutors need to be able to create a story between what started it and how it connects to the murder of suzanne, I just think they are going to have an uphill struggle.

  5. To you ladies who have fallen for a married man, how many times have you heard how awful the wife is, how they make life unbearable for your bloke, how they can’t wait to leave her, how she does things which are irrational, or abusive, or controlling, how she turns the children against him…reverse this, and you have Suzanne. We cannot believe everything she told JL, or her friends, or her sister, just as you women cannot believe every word your married man utters between the sheets. Cheaters lie. They manipulate the situation. They paint themselves in a good light when the reality is much different.

  6. Many people assume Suzanne was telling the absolute truth. But people are not perfect and many times they tend to exaggerate what they say to their friends in order to get the maximum sympathy from them. We all tend to feel we are right and the other party is always wrong and we communicate our truth in a way to make us appear and feel good. Suzanne had a boyfriend and although she was ready to blame Barry daily to her friend Sheila, she never confided the affair to her. Was she afraid that her friend would not approve and this would taint her image? No one knows but since we are all speculating, this could be a reason.

  7. So good to see the smiles on their faces! I haven’t seen any evidence that makes me believe Barry is guilty so I am happy to see him out and reunited with his family

  8. for Barry, this was never about Suzanne, it was about the optics for Barry, his family, and reputation if his wife should leave him..
    And since he is a religious man, he has used the old testament passage: “adultery shall be punishable by death” to justify his actions.

    And yes, there is something quite creepy about the relationship of Barry and his daughters…there is something in there that when uncovered will explain more…people say “well they don’t want to loose their father”, however they lost their mother and it seems pretty evident that their father was responsible

  9. Well one thing that stands out is that Jeff’s DNA was excluded. I agree with another commenter that the girls seem happy and are completely supporting their dad so I hope people stop being terrible towards them.
    So far the case seems not so strong. Still praying for Suzanne 🙏🏼 and thank you as always Julez.

  10. I read the affidavit and it's just a drama story. It's basically Suzanne constantly bashing Barry. It shows Suzanne was self destructive. She was a liar, cheater, manipulative, spier, kept stupid notes on Barry being a bad husband. She constantly was spreading negative rumors about Barry. She was constantly talking, messaging and hooking up with Suzanne. Suzanne sounds like a horrible wife and she poured fuel on the fire. Barry wasn't the cheater. She was very capable of disappearing. She constantly was scamming and planning secret trips. And she was constantly planning to leave. I find it interesting Suzanne was sending Barry home listings in Arizona 2 days before she went missing. You can't have it both ways, was she planning to leave and if so why is she sending Barry homes they could move to in Arizona. And if was Suzanne that was constantly accusing Barry of cheating. It's very possible that Suzanne was fed up with Barry and decided to ride the bike and take her phone and charger and toss the bike and hitch hike and just disappear for a while and whomever picked her up may have done something to her. Very interesting they didn't say anything about the sexual assaulters DNA on the bike or in her car. This affidavit is full of holes and it didn't contain any evidence. It's just a bad Hallmark drama of some lunatic wife being very self destructive. It's interesting the DNA on the camera cables belonged to Suzanne and not Barry. Heck Barry's DNA isn't on anything. The review missed lots of stuff, the tailgate and trailer tongue. The bare foot print in the bucket of the bobcat. I was disappointed with this review and wondering if it's because disappointed with the affidavit. I think it's now possible Barry put Suzanne's body in the bucket of the bobcat. Because why is there a barefoot print in the bucket of the brand new bobcat? The cell charger cable was supposed to be next to the bed and I've always said Barry absolutely used that to strangle her. The trash dumps were her broken cell phone, battery, cell phone charger, his clothes he wore during the killing and boots. No one takes boots 3 hours away and takes out the laces and throws the boots away in Denver. Everything that could tie him to evidence was tossed. The problem is I read the affidavit and there's no evidence. Just a bike with DNA on it from some unknown predator. There's Suzanne's DNA on the security camera cables. Barry's DNA isn't on the tranquilizer cap. There's no Barry DNA on anything suspicious. He used the bobcat to bury her. But without the body he's getting off. I just read a lot about Suzanne being a bad wife. She was psycho making up her lists and the stuff she had on it describes 90% of husbands in America. Husbands and men aren't perfect and 50% of marriages end in divorce. Another 25% are miserably married. If she wanted a divorce she should've hired a lawyer like the rest of us. You don't lite a match and pour fuel on a combustible situation. And that's what she did. She was so sneaky, the effort she put into cheating and sneaking around for 2 years with Jeff is amazing. Had she spent that time on her marriage maybe she'd be alive. And Jeff, OMG. Jeff is an accomplice to murder. He got Suzanne killed plain and simple. And what a piece of crap that guy is, he's saying he loves her and knows she's dead but refused to come forward to help the authorities. You wanna know who's worse than Barry? Well that's Jeff. That guy is so much worse. Barry was mind f'd by Suzanne. The love letters, sending him homes to look at in Arizona 2 days before she went missing. And if Suzanne was so scared or controlled you don't send Jeff texta to and pictures laying out saying guess who's alone again. If she was controlled she's be texting thank God Barry finally left me alone. But that's not what she said. And a controlling person doesn't let his wife fly all over the country 7 times in a year so she can screw Jeff. A control freak would say no. And she sure had time for a zillion messages with Jeff. A controlled person wouldn't have so much time. The facts are Barry was a hard working husband and father. Suzanne was never happy and blamed Barry for her unhappiness and she spent the majority of her time making sure everyone knew it was Barry's fault. But one thing really stands out to me. I'm not someone to choose who is right about Barry and neither are you. There's two people who are the very best judges of character who knew Barry and Suzanne better than anyone else and those are his daughters. Did you see his daughters hold, hug and walk arm to arm with him out of jail? Yeah, those girls know their mom and know Barry. So if he did it and likely 90% he did, they've come to forgive him. I'm sure they know Suzanne totally pushed his buttons. She totally made him blow a fuse. She totally screwed with his mind and based on what I read from Suzanne she was hell to live with. She was never happy, Barry could never measure up. She tore down Barry every chance she could. He provided a nice life for her, she had a beautiful family, home, great life, no job. And all she did was accuse Barry of cheating and being mean. Well you get what you give. Barry likely got tired of it. She's constantly cheating, messaging Jeff. Barry didn't have a chance so he snapped. I don't blame him. Look there's no evidence so life continues. Clearly his girls want their dad and they are the best judge and jury. Moral of the story, don't cheat. I don't care if you're a woman or man. Don't cheat. Don't cheat on someone you're married to for decades. Some people can't handle it. Yeah it feels thrilling but not as thrilling as being strangled to death. Some people snap. Barry probably found out or I honestly believe it was the last night alone before the girls returned from camping and Suzanne wanted to clear the air. She wanted out, we get that. And we get Barry didn't want a divorce. So guess how you get the other to finally give up? You tell them you're cheating and having an affair. She was trying to drive Barry to accept it was over. She said the magic word some people can't handle and she dead. Yep she got dead. They're probably in the bedroom and Suzanne says I've been cheating with Jeff from high school and I hooked up with him way back then and have been at all these cities the last 2 years and Barry pushed her on the bed, grabbed the cell phone charger cord and are dead. So too sad for Barry. He's got to live with that. Suzanne, well she brought it on. Nope didn't deserve to die but maybe she should've gone back to read her notes. Dumb move Suzanne. Barry kills animals. Are drove him crazy with years of accusations of cheating and guess who the cheater was. It's just too much to handle. And Barry's girls know. Come on. They know, but they know they're mom was nuts too. Barry snapped, he's sorry. He'll be there for his daughters. I never heard one bad word about Barry being a poor dad. Leave Barry alone. There's no evidence and no reasonable person is convicting Barry with his girls sitting directly behind their dad. Don't be a crazy, sneaky, liar, cheater and think everyone will be ok with it. Not guilty. No evidence of any kind and truthfully she really could've road her bike and got nabbed. Who does that DNA belong to. Imagine if Barry really didn't do it and he's just an idiot that looks guilty. Do you really think Barry is smarter than all the authorities? There's zero evidence. None at all. No body, no DNA, no witness, no crime scene, no blood, no weapon, no video, no admission. There's nothing but a bike that somehow got there, a helmet. A missing phone and charger cable. No texts, calls from Suzanne help. Like the judge said, either Barry did something, a stranger did something, or Suzanne voluntarily disappeared. Unless Barry confesses this is a waste of tax payers money.

  11. 95 percent of this AA will not make it in the trail but what will is sm telling her lover one thing then her friend another and the Boldness of her and her lover. They were playing a cold game with bm and why was sm so concerned about bm having affair when she is the one who was everything she accused him of being. I Think the Girls are going to tell a whole side of their mom on the stand .

  12. Hi Julez, I had to take a break after pg 58 in the aa. We can certainly see what a liar ol' Barry is. So contradictory. Still very sad. Suzanne stayed too long, again thinking of the girls, and gave everything she possibly could, her life. Such a waste, she deserved happiness. I don't understand why no DNA was found with Barry's name on it. Take care.💖

  13. I think the dna when looking at someones home and car is really hard to prove murder if its husband and wife because there will be times when DNA should be there… In this instance if his dna is found on objects both would be in contact with its not as sus as we would like it to be … I also think the ways in which SM went about hiding the affair made it easier for the would be murderer to conver their tracks… You would think living in a secluded million dollar home there would be cameras all over the property.. SM dna was on the cords suggesting she likely unplugged them.. Was she having ppl over that BM would not approve of..I know we think she was tracking his phone because she wanted to make sure my to get caught talking to JL.. But I would not be surprised if she was serial cheating and having them come to the house when BM would be at job sites.. I don't mean this in a negative it judgmental way.. Just voicing my thoughts here…

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