shopping and organizing for baby girl #2!

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  1. We got that little ikea bed and my daughter was transitioned from the crib to bed by 16 months. Now 18 months and still going strong. I did it 7 months pregnant! It was so easy for us. Just one hard night really! And the ikea bed extends all the way to a twin sized bed!

  2. For the bumps on cove’s arms: When I was little I had them and my mom used thee tree oil and cream! it worked amazing! maybe try that to see if it helps before trying the scrub (which can be hash for baby skin )

  3. I heard this awesome suggestion for moms who are having a second baby with a toddler. She said that when you have the newborn home you will often find yourself telling Cove to wait or hold on while you help baby. She said to help make Cove not feel like she is always waiting because of baby she recommended saying also “(baby’s name) one second while I help Cove” or something similar. Obviously baby won’t understand but it helps Cove to know that baby waits sometimes too. …hopefully that made sense but it was so interesting and I could see how much that would be helpful for adjusting Cove to baby. 🙂

  4. Amen to not pushing potty training & big girl bed. My daughter is a month younger than cove and she isn’t ready for either. Even though they are both smart I’m not pushing it. I’ll do it when she’s naturally ready.

  5. Just want to say that aspyn is the only youtuber ive been watching since 2011 (2010 cant remember). She's yhe only one that the lifestyle, style, vlogging i like cos she was never the exxage over the top youtuber since she move back from la really proves she's diff from the other youtuber her same age. Ever since she's chill and content with her life.

  6. As a preschool teacher I promise she won't associate moving rooms with the new baby. Especially if you hype it up and make it exciting for her. It will be an even bigger deal if you associate the new room with her new bed in the future. Kids are way more more understanding than we give them credit for, but just like adults they want to have an understanding of why things are happening.

  7. The new baby won’t go in the room straight away and also cove will be excited for her new bed anyway. Everyone says every single thing will be a negative association with the new baby. I don’t think so ❤️ your plan makes sense don’t worry x

  8. Scrubs can make KP worse!! Recommend Amlactin (safe during pregnancy too) or any lotion with lactic acid or urea because that will help thin the bumps! I work at a dermatologist office and they always rec Amlactin lotion (:

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