TRYING HHC CARTS | Hexahydrocannabinol | LEGAL "THC"

Hey Oddballs! Today we finally got to try the HHC CARTS!! Y’all been waiting for this one! We ain’t going to talk to much about it so y’all can just enjoy the vid!


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  1. I’m getting ready to review some
    Myself… tried thcp D8 d10 and THCO. love all these videos . Helps me make sure I’m getting the good stuff. But I would really like to see some
    Of these new alt cannabinoids be talked about/ reviewed by some
    Major weed advocates / potheads like snoop dogg , tommy Chong , Seth rogen just to name a few. Seems like that’s the only thing these products are missing is a popular/ familiar face with them to get people to actually trust what’s inside. A lot of my friends think I’m nuts for smoking D8 and these other hemp derived cannabinoids and such sayings it’s not real and comparing it to spice and don’t believe me when I tell them I do my research and show them videos like these. I almost guarantee them if I had one of there favorite weed rappers in a video endorsing this stuff they would buy it by the boat load..

  2. Just ordered Blue Widow from Delta Effex (Extrax?). Part of their new Hydro collection (HHC). Can't wait to try it out and mix it with all my other stuff like thc-p, delta 8 and 10. Not to mention hemp derived delta 9 gummies I have.

  3. You guys should spend more time talking and comparing the high to delta-8. Long video and I think I missed that important few seconds that tells me whether I want to try it or not and compared to delta-8. I think after the end of every video you should spend 2-5 mins talking about the product and its euphoria because I came here to find out more about its effects compared to.

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