Coping With Depression During Cancer/ Come Shopping With Me, Sometimes They GO Hand in Hand:)

Coping With Depression During Cancer/ Come shopping with me, sometimes go hand in hand:) Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we are depressed, so we put a …


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  1. One more thing….I'm glad you have friends that each of you can help. I have noone!! I have a sister but 16 years difference. Me the oldest one. I want and need so bad to be so close to her but I really do think that will never happen…so so sad!! We all need someone in our life!!!!

  2. I have daily back pain but mine is because I broke my back and several things were damaged with surgery and was told I could never work again!!!! It's so hard not getting to do things that you were use to doing!! I'm thankful you have a husband that is standing with you too!!!

  3. Jody….you are such a testimony!!!! You seem like such a sweet person!! I know that you know that your Great Physician….has your back…so to speak!!!! Oh honey please when you are going through tough times….raise your hands to the Lord and He will grab on and see you through!!!! Take care and God Bless You!!!

  4. I'm glad u got reassured from your nurse. Loved the hair and pretty dress! I'm sure u over did. I sure understand your leaving your long time house. It's so normal the way your feeling. We can see when your haveing a off day. I think how your dealing with everything. I'm sorry you have had it rough time. I'm sure u are helping many! Hope u find a house that u know as soon as u walk in. Shopping is always up lifting! Loved the shirt! Such good control! Oh yea u looked hot!!

  5. Hey honey im not trying to sound selfish but any advice i have stage 4 pancreatic cancer im getting a port tommorow. But my pain is unbelievable at times does anything help i start Chemo Thursday but. am so afraid

  6. Try reading the bible out loud , it healed my neck one night and made my bones, joints and whole body feel so much stronger. Definately do it daily because I believe it can heal anything and I've heard of it healing other things not just necks. Look up healing scriptures online and speak it daily. Read any of it ,it's God's precious Word! God bless you so much and be healed in Jesus' name!

  7. You and I have the same style love in clothing! I completely adore what you bought and showed!! 💜🙏🏼🥰 love Kimberly.

    P.s.How did your granddaughters baptism go? Ahhhh bring me back to 20+ yrs when my little ones were baptized.🥰

  8. Awww darlin!(((((♥️Jodi))))))
    I’m so glad you felt you could speak to us and let us know how you’re doing in so many more ways. I can only imagine how difficult this is on you right now.💜🙏🏼🥰 you look so pretty all the time, and I love your beautiful dress! And the lovely matching hair band is perfect!💜

  9. Hi there, your channel was just suggested to me by YouTube and I have no idea why. I watched and my eyes filled with tears. I had a bilateral mastectomy 2 years ago, and I’ve never spoken about it to anyone. Yes, there were flowers and get well cards during my two weeks in hospital after the 9 hour surgery. But once I had ‘recovered’ no one asked me about it, so I’ve stayed silent. I didn’t need radiation because they caught it in the early stages. I took a chemical for one year and my hair fell out, still no one said anything to me, only that I was lucky that I had the face to carry such a radical haircut. I want to thank you for talking about your journey and I’m going to go and start watching your videos. Many thanks from Australia 🇦🇺

  10. When i moved to a new house after 30 years, i cried. You leave behind so many memories, nice and less nice memories.
    But hé, in your new house you Will make new memories! Love and a big Kiss❤️

  11. We all suffer from some sort of depression and you have cancer so you have earned the right to be depressed just don't stay down and you will be ok. Love you and praying for you hun slways

  12. You look so pretty, your hair looks good to me, love the color! I’m sorry you go thru depression and I totally understand your feelings about moving while you’re in pain. You’re going thru a lot with having cancer, and for 20 yrs! That in itself has had to be stressful and hard for you. Shopping is a good source to get yourself out of a funk and into the beautiful part of yourself, sweetie! 💝💕💞💖

  13. Its very hard to find the energy to do much with cancer. Its easier some days just to crash on the couch with my two dogs😂 and that usually ends up me taking a nap 😂 with those two! Lol. I can drift off fast 🤣 On nights I have better sleep then of course Iam more motivated to do things. I eat a meat free diet too. Lots of veggies! Lol I really hate those chemo hormone blocking pills. But Iam sticking with it. I have a passion of painting for people but lately the neuropathy in my fingers from chemo its been difficult. Sometimes I just stare at my paintings up drying leaning against the wall wishing I felt better so I can finish them. It doesnt matter too much how soon, because oil paints take forever to dry 😂 You get out and about really good for being a cancer person! My RA keeps me inactive compared to when I was young. I used to ride my bike at 4am every morning 8 miles and walk alot. That was in my 30s though. Wayyyy before breast cancer and way before RA. Being 66 yrs old Iam doin’ good to climb a set of stairs lol. I think the treatments made arthritis worse. But you know how it is, some days are better than others. Iam painting my other oncologist doctors portrait for a thankyou gift for helping me survive cancer. They are the best! Thought the painting would make a nice keepsake. Having a passion for something like you mentioned, gives you something to look forward to doing and it makes a person feel useful too. I think I would lose my mind if I couldnt paint or draw pictures anymore. My medical oncologist was concerned about the neuropathy in my hands affecting my painting. So he stopped before the last 2 chemo treatments since it was getting worse. Glad he did 😃 I take a ton of gabapentin pills lol. You inspire me to keep motivated! ❤️❤️❤️😇

  14. Hello beautiful I'm sorry your back in the hospital but it's so happy to see you're such good spirits. I thought you had breast cancer I lost two cousins 4 months apart with cancer one had stomach and colon cancer. The other one had bone cancer. How did you find out you had bone cancer I got a lot of pain in my elbows like extreme pain like if I lay on them I'll wake up in so much pain in my shoulders my elbows and I keep on telling the doctors I think I have bone cancer hey there like will your blood work shows everything's completely normal your red blood cell count your white blood cell count everything is normal you don't have bone cancer the cancer runs in my family so high. My wonderful cousin had prostate cancer but he committed suicide I guess the pain was just too much for him to endure you're a very strong woman. I could never go through what you're going through I am strong but I am not that strong. I lost the love of my life 9 years ago he committed suicide at the age of 41 and I miss him so much and I love my dad July 23rd it's been two years and I miss him so much period And I miss my grandparents so much and I miss my best best friend too and I know I will see them again I just hope they know how much I love them. I hope they know that I hope they can hear me when I talk to them. But when I say my prayers I asked heavenly father to tell them a hug and a kiss for me and tell them how much I love them and miss them. But I need to know if there's a certain test they do to find out about bone cancer because my doctors never take me seriously they think I'm a hypochondriac and it's all in my head and it's really not and I hate it when doctors do that to people. But if there was a specific test they did to find out you had bone cancer could you please tell me so I can get that test done to make sure would be greatly appreciated thank you so much. How did it get so bad and did you do chemotherapy and it just was not successful or it just kept spreading were you stage for when they found it how long did it take them to find out what was wrong with you. And why are you dying isn't there anything they can do to save you. I'm going to miss your bubbly personality but your legacy will always live on and all the memories you made and all the people you put smiles on their faces thank you for that people say if this ever happens to me. It's not that it's when it happens to you very true statement. I don't understand that sometimes but God sometimes need you more than Earth. It's all part of his plan I'm scared of dying and I shouldn't be I guess everyone is to a point because it's the unknown you know where you're going but you're not really sure I guess we'll all know the truth when we die because they can't come back and tell us if it's true or not. My friend always told me you need to have faith because just because you don't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist for it isn't real so I keep my faith and I'm trying to endure till the end. That's all any of us can do you will be in my prayers and your beautiful family and I sure hope you start feeling better beautiful I love your glasses they look so cute on you you are too cute for cancer. But thank you so much for sharing your beautiful life and your journey if they you keep up the fight your living to live keep it up because you're amazing and you're still here for a reason cuz your work is not done and when it is God will take you home may God bless you and your beautiful family XOXO

  15. So sorry you are feeling down. Selling a beloved home is so stressful. House hunting is stressful too. Thank you so much for showing your true feelings…. That’s why I love watching you💗

  16. Life can be such a battle Jodi, and I always admire that you speak your truth. You accept the pain and at the same time you embrace life to the best of your ability. Your faith and love for your family gives you purpose to keep going. May you continue to find the strength to endure the hardship from the cancer. Your family, friends and subscribers are always here for you when you have your good days and not so good days. We rejoice when you feel good and we empathize when you're not feeling well. You are a treasure.

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