MY WINTER NIGHT ROUTINE | cozy and peaceful evening unwinding routine 2021

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  1. Hi thanks so much for sharing! I’m wondering if you do advent. The singing, candles, prayer, and reflections make the end of my short December days so cozy when I manage to fit in some advent in my nighttime routine, especially when I call my family on FaceTime to do advent with them. Thanks again for sharing, your videos are equally calming and inspiring!

  2. Hey Michelle, I absolutely love your videos! They are so calming, relaxing and a great company to have around the house during any time of day. If your looking for new dishes, try researching a bit about peruvian food, Peru just won best culinary destination of the world for the 8th year in a row. You can find some on the cravings journal blog (not mine, nor sponsored, just an awsome blog that i use regularly) theres an english version too. Personally, Lomo Saltado is my favorite☺️ lots of love from Peru!

  3. i just wanted to mention if you’ve asked your doctor about PCOS. a lot of the symptoms (acne, thinning hair) that you’ve mentioned sound very similar! Just wanted to mention it in case you could ask your doctor about it!

  4. I’ve been watching your videos before work lately, just like I used to watch them before school back in 2015/2016! It’s such a great start to the day. Merry Christmas! 🥰

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