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Chasing Clouds – Episode 1 – How Safe Is Safer?

Episode one introduces the voices of young people, doctors, educators, vapers, academics and frontline community organisations. What is the history of vaping?


5 thoughts on “Chasing Clouds – Episode 1 – How Safe Is Safer?

  1. Editorial correction, 8 September 2021, 6:00: "Some are reusable, like the JUUL."

    And 18:17: "Where is the nicotine coming from when you buy your e-juice, or you buy your JUUL,"

  2. Mark brooke you are a cold hard liar!
    Stay with the facts.

  3. Great investigation, but what about the rising prevalence of Vaping appearing in social media, tv movies etc. shouldn't it be treated the same as cigarettes in terms of advertising/ product placement?

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