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45 thoughts on “THE FAMILY MURDERS part 2

  1. I prefer longer videos. If it's a more complicated case, I'd rather a longer video getting all info in instead of cutting time out for shorter video. Thanks Bella! Love your videos!

  2. where is the reward money pooled from? like tax payers or? x

  3. Awe the pups hahaha 💋❤️❤️❤️

  4. I love you Bella!!!!!!!

  5. I would gladly watch a 30 minute video of Bella telling crime stories to her dogs.
    So precious

  6. Holy molyyyyy I lived right around the corner from Von einem… how have I not ever heard of any of this in my 29 years 😔 so scary …. so close to home ! One of them even went to the same schools as me

  7. Please cover Celeste Manno’s story happened in Melbourne x

  8. I love you! Please do Nichole Johnson (?) I just watched two videos of this case from another you tuber who I’m not subscribed to and they didn’t give any info, just lectured her audience – I am genuinely interested in the details of what happened!
    Many thanks!

  9. Hey there Bella! Love your weird & funny personality plus my true crime!! Your errangings are fantastic as well!! 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤ 🐶🐶❤

  10. Plus whaaaa.. why is Von Einam or whatever never convicted but he’s a pervie Sleeze Cow?

  11. Bella bby it’s been two weeks 😫😫 I need a new video

  12. CAN YOU PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE GABBY PETITO CASE?! it is unfolding now but reminds me so much of older cases that you’ve done and it’s so creepy!

  13. Bella if you want a different case you should look into tim bosma and dillian millard here in ontario Canada. It was a shocking case. Horrible.

  14. Bella, please cover the Gabby Petito case! Something can still be done about this while she's freshly missing! You never know who might know something!

  15. intense frustrated noises what the f is wrong with people… Poor boys. I heard about this before and I was disgusted, and I'm literally disgusted again. Like what the actual flying fuk😓

  16. Bella, I want to request a video about the YNW Melly cases? Please!!

    I find this so interesting and I would love to see a video from you about it!

  17. Can you please do a video about gabby petito? She and her boyfriend went on a cross country road trip and only the boyfriend came back and he’s refusing to provide any information to police. She’s still missing and no one knows what happened. They just released police body cam video about it too.

  18. Could you make a video about Gabby Petito from Florida? She went on a roadtrip with her fiance, but he returned home alone. She is missing since 1.9.21, they also posted pictures and Videos on insta and Youtube.

    Update: I just read today that he now seems to be missing as well, wth

  19. I cant find the link to part one. Can you please reply to me with the link 🙏

  20. There is a case that is around me. The boys name is Taj Narbone. He was in 4th grade when he went missing and still no one has found him. He was in 4th grades school with my mom

  21. can you please cover the gabby petito case

  22. Can you make one about Jodi Arias?

  23. You should do a video on the Gabby Petito case going on right now. More people need to know about this!!!!!!

  24. Your dogs are all lovely!!! I wish you can put them all together while filming including Mia and also your kitty cat 🙂

  25. bestie you have to cover the junko furuta case

  26. Humans being the most highly evolved are so capable of such evil. Disturbing and scary

  27. PLEASE do Amanda Berry , Michelle knight and Gina DeJesus !!!!!

  28. Good thing I had a judge not a jury ya 12 minds is better than 1 but in certain cases 1 might b ezer to convince I was gonna go down for a shooting that ended in a girl getting hit twice in the face one hit her lip snd the other hit her cheek but I was deemed not guilty there was more then 4 shooters so how they gonna pin me as the damage dealer there wasn’t even a weapon bc I Alr bought a different gun went from a glock 380 to a 40 smith n Wesson

  29. Bella is my favorite YouTuber!

  30. #gabbypetito can you look into this case please

  31. Hey can you cover the shaniya Davis case ? I haven’t seen anyone do it. It’s truly heart breaking what she went through and would love to see you tell her story to the world to shed light on those type of situations.

  32. you should do a video on ronald william brown!! he was a cannibal ventriloquist and v disgusting. idk y there arent more vids on him

  33. And he fuckin gets cialis in prison???? And then rapes another inmate?? What the actual fuck.

  34. This is crazy how many people were involved and they’re still out there. Like wtf. The hairdresser? Mr B? P and K? The business man? The doctor? Trevor? Dee dee? Like all these people??? And there’s so much evidence in my opinion.

  35. can u plsss look into the heather steuver case in columbus indiana, heather was k*lled by her abusive ex and when they found him to question him he was actually already in jail being held for inappropriate child pictures, it’s super local to me, it’s a twisted sad story

  36. Bella Fiori, could you do a video over the disappearance of Peggy McGuire, she's from the stidham/eufaula area in Oklahoma. It's an interesting case would love to see you tell this story

  37. great the first trial end on nov 5 mY BirtHDAy

  38. i just recently started watching your videos and I LOVE THEM! i know you read a lot of true crime stuff if you haven’t already read/listened to Murder In The Bayou by Ethan Brown is a great unsolved series of murders

  39. i don’t know….. i hope everyone involved will rot in hell

  40. Can you please cover Gabby Petito? She's actively missing right now from Yellowstone National Park in the USA

  41. Do the caylee anthony case from 2008!

  42. A case I’d love to see you cover is Woo Bum-kon.

  43. Could you do nahomi Rodriguez next??

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