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  1. Holy molyyyyy I lived right around the corner from Von einem… how have I not ever heard of any of this in my 29 years 😔 so scary …. so close to home ! One of them even went to the same schools as me

  2. I love you! Please do Nichole Johnson (?) I just watched two videos of this case from another you tuber who I’m not subscribed to and they didn’t give any info, just lectured her audience – I am genuinely interested in the details of what happened!
    Many thanks!

  3. Can you please do a video about gabby petito? She and her boyfriend went on a cross country road trip and only the boyfriend came back and he’s refusing to provide any information to police. She’s still missing and no one knows what happened. They just released police body cam video about it too.

  4. Could you make a video about Gabby Petito from Florida? She went on a roadtrip with her fiance, but he returned home alone. She is missing since 1.9.21, they also posted pictures and Videos on insta and Youtube.

    Update: I just read today that he now seems to be missing as well, wth

  5. Good thing I had a judge not a jury ya 12 minds is better than 1 but in certain cases 1 might b ezer to convince I was gonna go down for a shooting that ended in a girl getting hit twice in the face one hit her lip snd the other hit her cheek but I was deemed not guilty there was more then 4 shooters so how they gonna pin me as the damage dealer there wasn’t even a weapon bc I Alr bought a different gun went from a glock 380 to a 40 smith n Wesson

  6. Hey can you cover the shaniya Davis case ? I haven’t seen anyone do it. It’s truly heart breaking what she went through and would love to see you tell her story to the world to shed light on those type of situations.

  7. This is crazy how many people were involved and they’re still out there. Like wtf. The hairdresser? Mr B? P and K? The business man? The doctor? Trevor? Dee dee? Like all these people??? And there’s so much evidence in my opinion.

  8. can u plsss look into the heather steuver case in columbus indiana, heather was k*lled by her abusive ex and when they found him to question him he was actually already in jail being held for inappropriate child pictures, it’s super local to me, it’s a twisted sad story

  9. Bella Fiori, could you do a video over the disappearance of Peggy McGuire, she's from the stidham/eufaula area in Oklahoma. It's an interesting case would love to see you tell this story

  10. i just recently started watching your videos and I LOVE THEM! i know you read a lot of true crime stuff if you haven’t already read/listened to Murder In The Bayou by Ethan Brown is a great unsolved series of murders

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